seoul city tour

After leaving our luggage at the hotel, we headed to Wangsimni subway station. Wanted to get Seoul City Pass, but the station didn’t sell it. The officer told us to get it at Gwanghwamun station. Upon reaching Gwanghwamun, we found out that it wasn’t sold at the station either. We actually had to get out of the station via exit no. 6, where would find Soeul tourism office and buy the pass there.

Bought a 3-day pass for KRW 35,000 that entitled us for unlimited rides in Seoul City Tour Bus (blue line) and 20 subway rides a day. 1-day and 2-day passes were also available.

We decided to take one complete round with the bus to familiarize ourselves with the route. The bus stopped at 27 destinations throughout the city centre. A full round trip took 2 hours. I slept through half of it :-D

After seeing (or sleeping through) all the stops, we decided to alight at Deoksugung Palace to watch its guard changing ceremony. By the way, the bus would pass by each stop every 30 minutes. There were actually several buses operating at any given time, hence you wouldn’t have to wait for 2 hours for the next bus to come.

The earlier shift (in yellow) would be replaced by the new shift (in red).

If you didn’t understand what was going on, pick up a pamphlet and read!

The yellow guards marched into the palace.

The big colorful drum.

Deoksugung Palace. It’s located smack in the middle of the city.

Look! There’s a 7eleven to its side! :-D

While we posed for our own cameras, several locals took photos of us too. Sneaky!

We then spent some time wandering around the nearby area. Had light lunch at Paris Baguette, a cool bakery cum coffee joint selling delicious buns and pastries. Pjot had been talking about going there ever since we arrived. It has many branches around the city, there’s also one close to our hotel. Their business is so successful that the company has been sponsoring many Koreans dramas. That was how Pjot got to know about it.

More pretty flowers.

A long way from home.

This boy was running after his boat down the drain, but once he saw me taking photo he immediately stopped and posed for the shot :-D

According to my K-drama crazy aunt and cousin, Gwanghwamun Square is the one of the main locations in the drama “IRIS”. Me? I don’t even know what it’s about.

With a golden statue at the square.

We took the subway and went back to the hotel to check-in and clean up. It was nice to see that we got a pretty decent room with a queen size bed, sitting area huge plasma (or LCD, I could tell the difference) TV, and PC with unlimited internet connection. After cleaning up and doing solat, we headed to Namsan to go to N Seoul Tower (known to the locals as Namsan tower). We purposely went there a bit later in the evening so we could see both day and night city view.

Walking up to the foot of Namsan hill to the cable car station. Steep. Tiring. Losing breath.

That’s the station. The cable car took us from here to the top of the hill where the tower was located.

That’s the tower.

There’s also a Teddy Bear Museum at the tower. It’s a branch of the same museum in Jeju Island.

To enter the museum, scan your ticket!

Some pics of the teddies.

Padlocks of love outside of the tower. They reminded me an episode of The Amazing Race in which the contestants had to find the right padlock that matches the key they were holding. Crazy!

Lock your love at N Seoul Tower!

Beautiful Seoul approaching nighttime.

A reflection of us on the glass window as we were having dinner while enjoying the city view.

Another declaration of love, this time on mosaics.

You have to buy a mosaic at KRW 2,900 to do that.

The tower was aglow at night.

Once we were done, we took the cable car down the hill she same way we came. When we reached the station, we realized that there was actually a diagonal lift taking people up and down between the street level to the cable car station! We shouldn’t have to walk up!

The diagonal lift. It goes up and down on a railing, like a train coach.

Namsan at night.


Mamamya said...

hai dieya....

bestnyer dapat jalan2 kan....very nice place!! td akak sempat baca yr xperience at kem sg.udang....nice N3 ;).u know my hubby is cmdo too... nnti akak risik2 yr mr.cute cmdo tue he3!! i know mej.normin too n he's my hubby buddy....:) dia x la garang dieya...very funny man....maybe sbb keje kan...klu dieya tgk my hubby lg serius giler orgnya n 10x garang dr mej.normin...

dieya said...

hi kak lieya!

ye ke?! what a small world! dieya hampir dah lupa that i wrote about that mr. cc hahaha! now that u mention it, terus teringat experience duduk 3 hari kat kem sg. udang.. siang malam kena kerah macamlah nak apply masuk komando.. hahaha!

mej. normin tu kelakar? ish ish biar betul.. kitorg kecut perut selalu bila kena sergah ngan dia. we call him "the evil shadow" pasal tiba2 je dia terpacul kat belakang, terus sergah org, takde warning langsung. aiyoo.. if kak lieya kata ur hubby 10x lagi garang.. cannot imagine laa.. nasib baik dia tak jadi instructor masa training kitorg ek.. hihihi ;-P

knitfreak-to-be said...

dieya, byk nak komen ni, ;)
1. i think drama IRIS tu pasal spy, if i'm not mistaken,sgt emotional, i tgk satu episod pon bole sangkut, cuma x smpat follow je..

2. yup, i remember TAR episode yang bukak kunci tu..serious nervous tgk diorang buat,

3. kat dalam bilik hotel ade PC with internet connection?best gile..location of the hotel xde la grand, tapi facilities sgt best!!

wahaha...tu la comment saya - dah jadi mcm mini post pulak..;)

dieya said...


korean drama selalu camtu kan, u watch one episode and that's it, you're stuck with it till the end! about the kunci, i mmg takleh imagine having to try and open every single padlock. boleh sakit jiwa! yeah the hotel was good, though a bit out of town. fortunately seoul's public transportation is superb!