out and about in the lion city

...continued from previous entry.

Pakngah dropped us off in front of Hard Rock Café as the traffic was too heavy to get into Orchard Road. Since we were already there, we went inside to check out the merchandise shop. The choices were pretty good. I wanted to get a fridge magnet, too bad they didn't have that.

Hard Rock Café Singapore.

We walked to Orchard Road and went to several malls. Though I've been to Orchard Road countless times (almost my every visit to Singapore involves walking along the tourist-infested stretch, either for shopping or simply enjoying the crowd), I always discover new or renovated or rebranded malls every time.

Nadirah and I in front of ION, one of the new malls.

There were several exhibitions going on along Orchard Road. One of them was on Youth Olympics which will be held in Singapore in August. Those were the Youth Olympics mascots.

This uncle was a crowd pleaser! Irfan said he already appeared in the papers several times. And that spot right opposite Gucci was his trademark venue.

Another new mall - 313@somerset.

Next to is the Orchard Central, which has several really high outdoor escalators all the way to the rooftop.

See? It's really high!

The first thing I did when we reached the rooftop was to jump onto this pillar. Almost gave Makngah a heart attack. She was scared that I would topple over the railings :-D

Hz and Irfan couldn't resist doing the same!

Pretty rooftop garden.

Makngah and Nadirah getting out of the washroom.

As the night approached, we took a bus to Suntec City, a good place to see city lights. Pakngah picked us up from there, brought us to dinner and sent us back there. We spent the night walking from Suntec City towards The Helix and around Marina Bay to Clark Quay, enjoying the night view.

The lady from Choa Chu Kang on the bus with Phua Chu Kang :-p

Marina Bay Sands, a view before sunset.

A view after dark. Ain't that pretty!

Hz by the curb of Formula 1 race track.

The Singapore Flyer. Saving it for my next trip, together with a visit to Universal Studios :-D

More construction work going on. I bet by the time I come here again, many new buildings will be around.

Inside the halfway completed Marina Bay Sands. Though the building is not fully done yet, people already flocking to go to its newly opened casino.

This group of couples holding heart-shaped balloons was seen standing around a big heart-shaped floor deco made of LED by the bay. Has Valentine's Day changed date?

This show by National University of Singapore (NUS) students was impressive. The girl at the booth on the right sang while doing sand drawing shown on the screen. Talk about multitasking!

The glowing durian called Esplanade.

Singapore's skyline at night never fails to impress!

By the time we got tired of walking, it was already 12:30am. Pakngah came to pick us up. I dozed off in the car, the next thing I knew we already reached home. Took a shower and went to bed. Zzzzz.


Erin said...

nak ikot g universal studios! hehe

dieya said...

jom! not too soon though, not all ride are open to visitors yet. even the roller coaster which was previously opened is now closed for repair, dunno for how long.

Aida Rezuan said...


Wow! The night there is really beautiful, eh? And I've never seen such a tinggi escalator too, you know :D

Tak gayat ke berdiri atas tembok gitu? Tepi bebenor lak tuh! Haiisssh!

エイザト said...

eh, escalator yg pjg tu, it's new too? seblum2 ni x penah nampak pun.
best nye, seblum ni biasa jln2 dkt2 nightime je.

i wish i could 'like' the choa chu kang & phua chu kang picture mcm dlm Fb. comey! haha.

dieya said...

yeah, singapore is amazingly aglow at night! itu baru one set, they have like 4 or 5 sets of really tinggi escalators from ground floor to 11th floor, so one excalator go about 3 floors! gayat? sikit2 je kot :-D
yeah, memang betul2 tepi railings tu.. hihihi!

yeah it's new, even makngah haven't been to OC's rooftop before this. we should try jalan siang hari kan.. biasa dok jalan malam, siang pakat tido :-p
hahaha agree! it's such a cute shot!