on the move again

I'm leaving for another trip tonight.

I know.. I know.. I just got home from Singapore like 4 days ago and I'm already back on the move! Well, since MBA and Spanish classes are on break, this is the time for me to really enjoy my weekends. No assignment, no homework, no revising for exams. Just purely blissful weekends.

Where to this time? Let's see. It's somewhere inaccessible from Malaysia by train. Takes about 6 hours to reach by plane. Many great drama series come from there. The weather is pleasant at this time of the year. The currency makes you feel like a millionaire when in actual fact things are more expensive over there as compared to here. And I don't need a visa to enter the country.

Wanna guess?

I'll let you know if you get it right when I get home ;-)

Till then, wish me a safe trip!


ilif said...

no need visa? thailand?
so many holidays! so jealous of you. currently rotting at home in my semester break blerghh.

have an enjoyable and safe trip ;)

sheri said...

bestnye dieya :) life is bliss :) meanwhile i'm freezing here doing my never-ending phd work..boohoohoo ;p

anya said...

i know...i know.....korea right? dun miss the nami island....very peaceful and romantic island.....bestttt....heheheh

JaJa'Z said...

dieya: jelesnya..jalan aje yerrr.jaja rasa ke korea kot...

dieya said...

no, it's not thailand dear, it doesn't take 6 hours to get there ;-) don't rot yourself, go out and have fun! enjoy your free time while it lasts!

yeah! alhamdulillah, it's truly a bliss :-) hey, at the bright sight, u get to become dr. sheri very soon!

bingo! nami island? a bit too far for this short trip. maybe next time ;-) thanks for suggesting, i'll keep that in view!

k jaja,
double bingo! k jaja peminat drama korea ke?

Erin said...

aiyookk...jeles 10000x nie, syoknye dpt jalan! tggu cuti sekolah tiket mahal, waaa! enjoy mate, and usual...we want pics! :)

Liza said...

have a good trip sis, gi japan ke

Aida Rezuan said...


Have fun and travel safe! Will be waiting for pics and stories when you come back :)

diyana said...

will be waiting for pics =D

dieya said...

alahai mate, jgn laa jeles. next time jom ikut ek? pics will be up when i get home k, tak bawak card reader laa.

k liza,
thanks a bunch! nope, it's seoul :-)

muchas gracias! yup having lots of fun! alhamdulillah seoul is a very safe city. pics? soon :-)

noted! wah i better choose what pics to upload wisely, don't want to disappoint all of you. pressure ni!