off to singapore

I’m going to Singapore tonight. It has been a while since I last saw my Singaporean family, especially my grandma. I didn’t see her at all the entire last year. Miss her incredibly. I don’t know why, but recently I’ve been thinking of her a lot, and every time I do my eyes brim with tears (even as I’m typing this now). Perhaps I miss her more than I think I do. Perhaps in my unconscious mind I realize that she’s the only grandma I have now, so I should cherish my time with her while I can. Perhaps when it comes to family, I’m just another big fat “kememeh” (crybaby).

Sent a Facebook message to my aunt yesterday to inform her that I’m coming. At the end of the message I wrote:

“rinduuuuuuu sangat kat makngah ngan nek teh (tengah taip tiba2 rasa nak nangis..) can't wait to see you both”

Got her reply this morning, my aunt wrote this at the end of her message:

“mula2 happy sangat baca msg kaklong ni tau (sengeh2 sendirilah), bila part yg last ni lak yg paling sedih (bila kaklong kata rasa nak nangis) airmata makngah dah berlinang dah... air hingus pun keluar sama :’( cos makngah miss you too!!!”

Ended up with me starting my day by crying in front of the computer :’( And I bet if my mum reads this she’s gonna wail her heart out. She can’t go as my dad has something going on over the weekend. So it’s just gonna be me and my kid brother.

Okay, my next entry will be about my trip. Will see if I have time to write something while I’m there, else I’ll put up backdated entries when I get home. Wish us a safe trip!


-farahsu- said...

dieya,send my warmest regards to nek teh, makngah, n all in Singapore ye.
insya Allah, maybe aku visit nek teh in early June after my XM.. ;) journey kazern..

ZuNas77 said...

sejak bila u jadi minah emo nih? hehehe..slalu even in a tough situation at work you are the iron lady!!! la, its family kan...mesti la emo sket..hahaha

bestnya singapore, sale kan next week. i'm planning to take my family to visit Universal Studion sometimes in June. nnti i nak tanya u which hotel ok and how to survive there ok!!

have a safe journey yah..

dieya said...

inshaAllah will do. thanks! good luck for your exam! study bebaik k, bagi habis semua this sitting :-)

itulah, even i'm surprised myself! u r right, when it comes to family emo dia lebey sket ;-)
owh.. universal studios, how nice! i pun teringin nak pegi, but not this trip kot, too short laa. sure no prob, u can ask me anytime.

Anonymous said...

pegi naik flight ke, train? nak kirim hugs & kisses kat nekteh, from cucu dier yg kat tokyo nih. huu.

have fun!

Aida Rezuan said...


Have a safe trip and enjoy yourself! :). Put up entries and pics pls! :)

dieya said...

naik train. best woo! sedikit jakun di situ, first time naik train laa katakan.. hahaha! ur hugs and kisses dah selamat sampai ke choa chu kang :-D

aida, thanks! entries and pics will be up soon.. if rajin will do it here, if malas bila balik kl 2moro.. hehehe..