kl to singapore by train - learning points

Things I learned from the trip:

1) KTMB tickets can be bought online and printed on A4 paper like plane tickets.

2) Don’t get a bunker near to the exit door. It gets really noisy when the door is opened every time someone gets in and out to go to the washroom or walk from coach to coach.

3) The blanket provided is as thin as the bed sheet. If you can’t stand cold, bring your own blanket.

4) Don’t bring a world of things into Singapore. You’ll have to carry every single item out of the train for custom clearance and back into the train to continue your journey.

5) There’s no MRT station near Tanjong Pagar. Taxis and buses are widely available though.

6) Universal Studio’s roller coaster is under repair. And there are still many rides and attractions that are not yet open to visitors. If you plan to go, you may want to wait a few months more to make it worth your money.

7) Singapore looks best during nighttime. Okay I already knew that, I’m just emphasizing it. The best way to enjoy the view is by walking around the city centre armed with DSLR camera.

P.S.: I’ve put up quick links to entries on the trip are on the panel on your right. Happy reading!


Aida Rezuan said...


Ahh.. buleh pilih bunker mana yang kita nak ye?

Seronok baca your trip to Singapore. And yup, I can see (from your pics) that it's really beautiful during nighttime there. Do make more trips and put them in here, si si si! :D

And hey, maybe next time.. YOU are gonna be walking around with DSLR cam, eh? ;)

ps: thanks for sharing the experience! :)

diyana said...

hey, thanks for the tips. will be useful one day.

taking the train to Singapore from Penang with a stop over at KL is one of my To-Do's list. Tracing back P Ramlee's steps maybe.

dieya said...

no problem, glad to know u enjoy reading them :-)
yeah, boleh pilih bunker mana nak. since i bought the tix pretty last minute, lower bunkers were mostly full. DSLR? my photo skill is still rusty, kalu je guna DSLR skali gambar keluar goyang2 (been using that word a lot today hahaha), alamak buat malu jek! i shall leave that to my brother. for now, my aim ialah nak mendapatkan sebijik digicam point-and-shoot yg canggih to cover up my almost non-existent photography skill.. hahaha!
p.s.: next trip will happen soon.. really soon.. *wink wink*

no problem, thanks for reading! wow, penang to singapore? that's far! mau ada yg bergoyang2 (goyang lagi!) bila turun nanti :-D

knitfreak-to-be said...

siap ada learning point...teringat post yang i buat for umrah last year ;)

dieya said...

every trip is a learning experience :-D
often when i encounter something unexpected i often wish someone hv told me about it. so i wanna make life easier for other travellers as much as i can, so one day other travellers will make life easier for me too.
hint hint.. don't forget to put up learning points (if any) when u get back from SA ok!
pssst, spanish results are out. r u going to do A3?

Aida Rezuan said...

Ahhh you are going on a trip very soon! Cool! Hope you get your point and shoot to take with you.. buleh amik gambo dengan banyaknye, kan? :D

psst.. nak gi mana tuh? :D

* Jangan lupa blog bout the next adventure tau!

dieya said...

point and shoot tak sempat nak beli for the upcoming trip. well, actually more like takde budget nak beli coz need to allocate for spending during the trip. so i'm still using my dad's antique camera :-D

gi mana? shh.. nanti balik i bagitau.. bikin saspen sikit.. hehehe!

knitfreak-to-be said...

hahaha...x abis abis berjalan...bumi luas ciptaan Allah, rugi kalau tak explore kan?

yup, maybe i'll continue A3, sayang pulak if i stop halfway :)

dieya said...

u r so very right! lagipun time muda2 la nak berjalan kan, nanti dah tua2 tak larat dok rumah je laa ;-)

i wanna continue A4 a.s.a.p. but i dunno if they'll have it this round. wonder if they hv found gonzalo's replacement, furthermore there are not many i know wanna do A4. still, i really hope they have it!