johor baharu to tanjong pagar

"Wake up, wake up, fill in form!" said a KTMB staff as he walked along the aisle. It was around 6am.

As usual, got to fill in the arrival form.

At Johor Baharu station, Malaysian immigration officers hopped on board to check our passport. Passengers didn't have to move an inch. Unlike if we were to travel by bus, we would have to get off the bus, go through the checks and get back on the bus. Plus point to rail travel! The train then continued its journey and entered Tambak Johor. By the way, it didn't shake :-D

An officer checking the passports of a family of Indian nationals.

A view from Tambak Johor. Trains, cars, bikes.. they all use it.

Soon we arrived at Woodlands Train Checkpoint. Hello Singapore!

All passengers must get off the train and carry all belongings to do immigration and customs checks.

Funny thing about Singapore immigration checks - they would ask you a random question to validate your identity. I was asked for my IC number. Hz was asked for his age, which he answered with a smirk (by the way the officer who attended to him was a pretty young thing), perhaps he thought the girl was hitting on him :-D

Once everything was cleared, we were back on board. About 30 minutes later we reached the final stop, Tanjong Pagar. By the way, do you know that Tanjong Pagar train station is a little piece of Malaysia in Singapore? Yes, literally. The tiny patch of land, where KTMB trains come and go, belongs to Malaysia.

Safely arrived in Singapore.. oops, in a little piece of Malaysia in Singapore :-p

As we walked along the arrival platform I saw a fair lady and a gangling young man approaching us - Makngah and Irfan! Really happy to see them! Soon Pakngah joined us (he dropped them off first and went to park his car) and we headed to the canteen to have breakfast.

Makngah happily hugging her stinky niece who was yet to have her morning shower.

We got into the car and headed to Choa Chu Kang, my adopted kampung in the lion city.

To be continued...


エイザト said...

lol. Hz kelakar. should tell him to ask for d girl's phone number plak.

siap makngah jemput lagi. btw kenapa makngah begitu serius dlm semua gambar? hehee.

dieya said...

hahaha itulaa pasal :-D
yeah even she noticed it. nx photos kena warning siap2 before snap suruh senyum!

Aida Rezuan said...


Derang tak de lak simpan2 passport macam Madrid train kan? Buat suspen jek..

diyana said...

Tj Pagar came out in the news earlier this week right? something about moving the train stn or something?

dieya said...

nope, passport simpan sendiri. i guess they also don't want to be responsible if anything happen to your passport. itulah kan.. the madrid train tu mmg lain dari yg lain! even the one from barcelona to milan pun sama jugak, kena handover passport. i guess it's the company's policy (i used the same train operator for both journeys). buat saspen jek!

yeah they r going to close down the historic tanjong pagar station and move to woodlands. meaning from july 2011 onwards, ppl will disembark at woodlands, do the checks and off you go. rasa sedih coz tanjong pagar is so classic. but on the other hand woodlands is very close to my grandma's place, more comvenient for me :-)