halal feature: Pastisseria Ayub @ Barcelona, Spain

So far I’ve been talking about restaurants after restaurants. Let’s have a little change once. Let’s talk about bakeries. Yes, I did see some halal bakeries in Barcelona, which was a welcomed sight, as I was already tired of eating kebabs and beryanis throughout the trip.

This bakery, Pastisseria Ayub (in Catalan) or Pasteleria Ayub (in Spanish), is my favorite bakery in the whole of Barcelona. Fine, I haven’t been to the whole of Barcelona, nor that I’ve been to all its bakeries, but for what it’s worth I like this bakery a lot. Why? Firstly, it’s a halal bakery so I can eat to my heart’s content. Secondly, there’s a familiar taste to the pastries, a bit spicy, a little herby, stuffs that Asians like me are used to. Thirdly, the operator is a big sized, middle aged man with huge baker’s arms, so I think he knows his dough very well. Fourthly, every single bread and pastry I bought there was simply yummy!

I went to this place almost every day while I was there, sometimes in the morning to get a few pieces for breakfast, sometimes in the evening to get something for supper. I generally love all sorts of stuff made of flour, so if you ask me what’s good over there, I say everything. Anyway, I love the rollo de pollo (chicken roll) the most. Es muy delicioso.

This place is located along Carrer de l’Hospital, off La Rambla. There are a number of shops along this street operated by Muslim owners, including restaurants, bakeries and sundry shops. However, do exercise caution while navigating the area. I’m not saying that it’s unsafe, but like any other immigrant populated area in Europe, this part of town is less taken care of than others. The street is narrow and not very well lit. Not to mention dodgy looking young men can be seen loitering around.

Having said that, if you go there in broad daylight and remain careful, you should be fine. After all, the store operators are always happy to have fellow Muslims coming to visit, so you actually feel at home amongst them. There’s a good chance you will meet other Muslim travelers too as this street is a popular place to get halal food.

Here’s the bakery on Google map:

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JaJa'Z said...

dari ari tu lagi nak tanya..dieya skang ni kat oversea atau kat malaysia...

dieya said...

kat kl skrg ni :-)
entries on halal places ni berdasarkan memori masa travel.. in case sapa2 gi tempat yg sama bleh refer kat sini.. senang cari mana nak gi makan ;-)

Asif said...

I was there just last weekend and popped into this bakery while passing by but still I bought some stuff to bring home in Valencia. After tasting the items I bought, I am regretting why didn't I buy more of each item that how good it was :)
I had Chicken patties, cake rusk, Fresh pineapple cake and chicken sandwich all so yummmmmmmm

I was just trying to look for this place online to see if I can get some stuff delivered and stumbled upon this blog.

Anyway, if you're in Barcelona, don't miss this bakery, a highly recommended one.

Also, I have been to several Pakistani restaurants in the same area where this bakery is along with some others but my favorite one is in Badalona area called "Corodova Restaurant". Enjoy!

dieya said...

hi asif,
thanks a bunch for dropping by. i totally agree, all the pastries there are yummy! and thanks for the info about the restaurant in badalona. if i ever go to that part of the world, will definitely check it out!

Anonymous said...


im heading out to Barcelona in Feb. was wondering if theres any actual Spanish Food/Restaurants serving halal "spanish foods". i did some research, all the recommendations for halal food in Barcelona is Pakistani, Lebanese and that sort. any suggestions?

dieya said...

hi there,
i don't recall seeing any spanish halal restaurant. yeah, most halal places serve kebab and/or pakistani food. perhaps you can ask around? if you come across any during your travel, do let me know. have a great trip!

hussein shatwan said...

السلام عليكم قادم الى برشالونه قريبا ان شاء الله سنزوركم تحياتى

dieya said...

Waalaikumussalam Hussein,
I'm sorry I don't understand Arabic. Hope you find my article useful :-)

muneeba waraich said...

Hey am on my way. 3 years later! Excited about going there (hope it still exists) will let you know what I think x