halal feature: Fresc Dolça I Pastisseria @ Barcelona, Spain

Apart from my favorite bakery that I talked about earlier, I saw another halal bakery further up Carrer de l’Hospital. I didn’t try anything here, I only knew about the place because I spent some time walking along the street, looking for wider choices of halal restaurants. Furthermore this place is a bit far from La Rambla, which means that it takes a while to reach by foot.

The place is called Fresc Dolça I Pastisseria (the name is in Catalan).

Here’s the place on Google map:

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If you use the “street view” function on Google map, it will show the picture of Kashmir Doner Kebab on the address. That’s actually inaccurate, the kebab joint is no longer there. The address is now occupied by Fresc Dolça I Pastisseria. Kashmir Doner Kebab has moved to somewhere near Mercat de Sant Antoni (will write about it in the near future).


LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

uihhh..merata hang jalan..
Aku x jadi la nak apply HCL Axon.. aku nak tgu smpi lepas konvo baru aku nak chow!!

dieya said...

laa yer ker.. baru ingat bleh jumpa kat sinih. takper even lepas ko convo pun i think the project kat sinih still tak habih lagi.. stil hv chance to meet.. hahahah!