goodbye seoul!

So we both set our alarms at 4:30am, but neither of us noticed them ringing! I woke up, wondering why I didn’t hear any alarm and glanced at my mobile phone clock - 5:30am! Rushed into the shower and got ready in no time. By the time we sort out hotel check-out and got the bus stop, it was 7:20am, just 20 minutes later than we planned to. But that cost us a trip on the earlier bus, so we had to wait for the next bus to arrive.

At the bus stop, waiting for the next airport limo bus. The opposite building with the rainbow logo is Seongdong-gu office. The bus dropped us at the bus stop in front of it when we first arrived here.

On board the bus. That guy was checking the tickets. You can either buy the tickets at convenience stores (especially those near the bus stop) or onboard the bus.

Incheon Airport was built on an island, so we had to cross some waters to get there.

Arrived at the airport. Check out my brand new Park Jisung shirt :-D

Had breakfast at Paris Baguette.

Hot latte, hot choc, cheese bagel and vegetable croquette.

Next to the bakery was Baskin Robbins. Must have these before we go home!

Yummy cherry roll!

Don’t be fooled by my big smile, the green tea choux wasn’t that good. Should have gone for chocolate choux instead.

Checked-in. Jisung balik kampung!

Waiting for the aerotrain.

That’s our gate.

Our plane was already waiting.

Annyonghi kyesayo (goodbye) Seoul! Had lots of fun with you!

A bit of promo - donate to MERCY Malaysia through Malaysia Airlines!

There’s a reason why I put this photo here, which I never thought of until that moment. Often when I get home from a foreign country, I don’t know what to do with the foreign coins. Money changers usually don’t accept them as they don’t want the hassle of keeping loose coins. So when I saw the MERCY Malaysia envelope on board, it struck me, I could donate the coins to them! That way, I could stop worrying about where to keep the coins and do charity at the same time. So to all of you, rather than bringing the foreign coins home and wondering when you can use it again (as people usually don’t do repeat vacations to the same country), look for the envelope in the seat pocket in front of you, somewhere amongst the Going Places magazine and the Temptations catalog. Put the coins in it and hand it to the cabin crew. Of course, it’s only available on Malaysia Airlines!

My lunch tray.

The flight had a number of stewards on board, one of them was especially friendly. He thought Pjot and I were students coming home, so instead of describing the menu to us, he gave us a napkin with the menu written on it - in Korean! “Boleh baca? Dah bertahun duduk Korea takkan tak boleh baca kot!” he said with a smile. Fortunately Pjot could read the first word that said “spaghetti”, and I overheard a stewardess on the other aisle telling another passenger if he would like to have chicken with rice. So I confidently said “Number 2, chicken with rice!” And guess what the steward said? “Pandai pun!” Hahaha!

About an hour before landing we were served with sandwiches and coffee.

And we’re home! Pjot waiting for her bag to appear on the carousel.

All in all, it was an effective weekend trip with lots of fun! We had more things listed out in our itinerary, but the only reason we couldn’t cover all of them was because we overestimated our energy level. Yeah, we thought we were some kind of travelling androids that can walk and shop and play non-stop, apparently we were just mere mortals who got tired from time to time.

That’s all about my adventure in Seoul. Till my next trip!


Erin said...

awet muda korg nie, nmpk mcm student ye hihi. welcome home! now, we wonder where are u off to next ;)

knitfreak-to-be said...

dah bertahun dok korea ye..hehehe....tertipu stewardess tu ;)

dieya said...

bangga tu org ingat student.. hahaha! thanks, next trip nak ikut?

steward tu pun main tembak jek, bukan nak tanya dulu ;-) but what's more important pandai jugak kitorg bluffing ek.. hahaha!

Maya Marisa said...

annyeong anseyo senorarita dieya. love adventure entry on seoul. how i wish i can turn back the clock and do the backpacking again.
did u get to Namdaemon? did u manage to try the odaeng? gosh, its one of my fav food esp during winter.
also if u happened to go there again, dont forget to drop by at this small mexican restaurant at Itaewon. its just 5 mins from the train station.

dieya said...

annyeong anseyo to you too! thanks, glad you enjoy reading it. i can't recall if we went to nandaemon, my seoul geography is pretty rusty.. hihihi! mexican restaurant eh? will sure keep that in mind the next time i go there!
thanks for dropping by, come again soon :-)