fun at lotte world

If yesterday was all about shopping, today was all about fun, fun and more fun! Today we headed to Lotte World, a Disneyland-like amusement park. Compared to Tokyo Disneyland which was more for kids, I would say that Lotte World was more for teens and young adults. It had more thrilling rides for adrenaline junkies like Gyro Swing, Gyro Drop and Atlantis Adventure. All three of them are not for the faint-hearted, so don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Here we are at Lotte World! Despite of us getting there early, there were already so many people at the ticket counter. A 1-day pass costs KRW 35,000 (about RM105) per adult.

If Disneyland has Mickey and Minnie, Lotte World has Lorry and Lotty!

Can you see me? I kind of blended into the pink background, didn’t I?

Hey there’s a magic castle too!

We decided to start our adventure with the most popular (and scariest) ride, the Gyro Swing. As expected, there was already a long line, but it moved quite fast as many people could get onboard at one go.

Are you ready? Fasten your seatbelts.

And up you go!

All the way up! So far up the people looked so small!

Let me tell you once again, this ride is SCARY. Trust me. It’s really scary. The scariest ride I had ever tried in my life. The arm swings left and right at 180 degrees, while the wheel turn 360 degrees. One second you’re up facing nothing but the sky, the next thing you know you’re falling upside down. I felt an ant on a yoyo! A few tips: Don’t ever ride it after a meal, you’ll purge everything out in no time. Even though I didn’t eat anything before riding it, I still felt dizzy and burped out gas several times, which kind of spoilt the mood for the next rides. So it may be a good idea to save this ride as your last one before leaving. At least if you feel sick you have already tried other rides, so your ticket won’t go to waste.

Next up was the Atlantis Adventure, a roller coaster. Pretty scary too.

Going down! Can you see the Gyro Swing at the back?

After two thrilling rides, we were both too dizzy to go for another one, so we took the monorail and went sightseeing around the outdoor park.

Then we went inside and watched a show by Lotte World characters.

There were plenty indoor rides, but several of them needed a different ticket. So we just tried the ones that are covered by our pass like the horse carousel and the electric balloon. The were several rides that we didn’t try (especially the scarier ones) because we were still a bit dizzy, no thanks to the Gyro Swing!

A view of the indoor park. It’s huge. There’s an ice rink in the middle.

In the afternoon, the inner walkways were cleared to give way to the parade.

The theme was Masquerade Festival.

At the end of the parade, kids were allowed to enter the walkways and take pictures with the characters.

We decided to leave without trying all rides, as we figured out that we already played enough to make our tickets worth paying for. Next, we headed to a place that would make many K-drama lovers go green with jealousy – the café where they shot the drama “Coffee Prince”. Stay tuned for that!


Erin said...

waah, syoknye tgk rides! that Gyro thingy looks really scary, u are so brave! i would hv chickened out haha...

Liza said...

i plan to bring the kids to s'pore universal studion year end nanti, kalau ada rezeki Insyallah.....

dieya said...

since i was already there, i just have to give it a try! tak boleh tidak.. rugi kalu tak try.. hahaha!

k liza,
that's awesome! planning to go there myself, tapi tunggu dulu, wanna wait for them to finish repairing the roller coaster and opening all the rides.