ekspres sinaran petang

Had a really good night sleep. Makngah woke us up at 10:30am. Showered, had breakfast and packed our stuffs.

Lontong + mee rebus + bergedel + hot milo = yummy!

Went over to see Nek Teh to say bye. Hugged her, kissed her and collected her best regards to my parents and everyone else. She started crying, which was a signal for us to quickly leave as we knew she didn't like us seeing her cry.

The swing at Nek Teh's place, a nice spot for people-watching.

Makngah's pretty plants along the walkway to her place.

Pakngah driving us to the train station.

Tanjong Pagar train station. Classic.

With Pakngah and Makngah. I just realized this is our only photo with Pakngah as he was mostly busy at work while we were in town.

Railway Food Station, where we had some kuih and coffee (despite the fact that we just had breakfast!) before boarding.

Colonial style deco near the roof. The initials FMSR stands for Federated Malay States Railways (Keretapi Negeri-negeri Melayu Bersekutu). Historic.

Singapore - Kuala Lumpur train schedule.

Departure gate, where we bid goodbye to Pakngah, Makngah and Irfan.

Malaysian immigration and customs checks are done here.

Boarded Ekspres Sinaran Petang at 1:30pm. Goodbye Singapore!

We got second class seats at RM 30 per person.

The train left on time. After about 15 minutes of travelling, it took a pit stop for about half an hour, perhaps for some checks or cargo loading. Then it continued towards Woodlands Train Checkpoint. All passengers must get off for Singapore immigration clearance, but no need to bring along any belongings. All luggages whatsoever can be left on the train. Just bring your passport with you. On a side note, I found it interesting that the train traveled from Singapore to Malaysia, but Malaysia immigration clearance was done before Singapore's. Once our passports we cleared, we got back on the train and left via Tambak Johor towards Malaysia.

View of Singapore from Tambak Johor. That big silver building is Woodlands immigration and customs complex.

As all checks were completed, everyone could finally sit back, relax and enjoy the view till we reach our stops.

At about 6:15 pm we reached Batang Melaka station. Hz alighted here as he was going home to my parents.

My mum in front of the station. Photos from this point forward were taken by my dad.

The cute station with a cute model :-D

Was he the only one alighted at Batang Melaka? Not sure.

The little town at the background.

I continued my journey and reached KL Sentral almost on time (only a few minutes past the 8:30pm scheduled arrival time) despite of previous delays. Really enjoyed the train rides to and from Singapore. Won’t hesitate to do it again anytime!


Siti Roffini said...

Welcome home. The huge grins that you wore in all your pics were evidence of a journey enjoyed and fulfilled.

knitfreak-to-be said...

best nye when i read about journey you. to tell the truth, out of the many places that i have gone to, i have not been to s'pore yet. have plans with my friends to maybe go during the year end, but was thinking of the express coach, yang bas macam flight tu.

but since reading your post, am contemplating to go via train pulak..hmmm...

dieya said...

aunty siti,
thanks *big grin* it was a really effective weekend trip. managed to do lots of things over the course of 17 hours in the lion city!

you should definitely give it a try! but if u r a light sleeper, u may want to consider taking a day train instead. my adik couldn't sleep much, so dia dok merayau from coach to coach while i was happily asleep. hey the supercoach bus sounds interesting too, i heard they even have stewardesses on board!

Aida Rezuan said...


Sungguh sedap nampaknye breakfast itu!

Suma yang bernama Azizah memang cute, kan? :D

エイザト said...

makngah masak lontong n mee rebus? *thumbs up!*

glad that she put her Farmville skills to use. makin byk pokok. :D

majidah said...

bukan lontong & mee rebus saja, macam2 lagi makngah bolih masak tau... lain kali eizzat datang makngah masak okkk...

pasal comment yg FV tukan, "i like" ;}

dieya said...

memang sedap! the mee rebus.. pergh.. to die for!
yg bernama azizah mmg cute, malah anaknya lagi cute.. kan? hahaha!

wahahaha.. mewah makan sungguh dok rumah makngah. pokok2 dah makin membiak. tak lama lagi bela lembu kambing pulak kot :-D

wah wah.. org choa chu kang dah pandai komen :-D makngah masak memamnggg sedap. angah, sediakan menu, kita request kat makngah!

Aida Rezuan said...

Ya memang betul tuh! Hehe!