ekspres senandung malam

Have you heard of Ekspres Senandung Malam? No, it's not some corny 80's love song. It's the name of the overnight train that travels from KL Sentral (Kuala Lumpur) to Tanjong Pagar (Singapore). Wonder why KTMB gave it such a mushy name :-p

This time around I decided to go to Singapore by train. I had never traveled in Malaysia (let alone Singapore) by train before, except for those short distance ones like Komuter, LRT and Monorail. Hence the journey itself was a new adventure for me.

This way or that way?

Owh, Gate B for south-bound trains.

A big crowd waiting for the gate to open.

Amongst the crowd, there was a group of teenagers of four boys and girl. I overheard the girl asking the boys, "Eh serious ah, KTMB from Malaysia how to go Singapore? The train go underwater ah? Really ah?". One of the boys answered, "No laa..". That was it, no further explanation. I bet he didn't have a clue either.

For those who are just as clueless (pardon my sarcasm), the train goes into Singapore via Tambak Johor, a causeway built many years ago to connect Malaysia and Singapore. People use it to travel by road, rail or even foot if they wish. Wait, I'm not sure if they still allow you to walk on it, but at least when I was a kid it was definitely possible.

It reminds me of a friend who doesn't know that Tambak Johor is a causeway (built on elevated land), not a bridge. I think the name itself is a dead giveaway, unless you don't know what "tambak" means. When Angah and I were kids, my mum told us that the causeway would shake if anyone that Sultan Johor disliked traveled on it. "Don't anger the Sultan, the causeway's gonna shake!" she warned us. I still wonder if it's true. Oh well, true or otherwise, she did succeed in making us sit still in the car and effectively reducing my dad's stress level while driving!

Since the waiting area was full, we just hanged around near Dunkin Donuts.

Two KTM officers (in blue) manning the gate.

Finally, it was time to board! Our coach was L5 - second class berths.

A view inside the coach. The entire left and right walls were full with bunkers.

My bed - no. 37 on the upper bunk. To the right was Hz's bunk, to the left was the exit door.

Each bed was equipped with a pillow, a thin blanket and a curtain for privacy.

Getting ready to sleep. See the shoe compartment to my left? Never leave your shoes on the floor underneath the bed. You don't want to arrive in Singapore barefooted, do you?

Nighty night! Saya mahu bersenandung malam :-D


エイザト said...

Best giler naik train, nak try gak nanti! Brape jam KL-Tanjung Pagar? Leh tido dlm train?

Liza said...

can you really sleep, my last trip via train, i can't sleep at all!

dieya said...

departed at 10:30pm, arrived at 8:30am. today's news PM Najib and PM Lee announced that they r going to move the train station from tanjong pagar to woodlands by july 2011, so by the time u try no more tanjong pagar kot.

k liza,
for me it's was ok, i did wake up a few times, still it wasn't too bad. perhaps coz i'm the kind of person that sleeps easily ;-) my adik couldn't sleep much though.

Erin said...

jalan je keje budak nie sorg...jeles2 haha. the lower bunk is more comfy coz u can sit on the bed. upper bunk tu sempit sket kan. gosh...lamanye xnaik train!

dieya said...

betul.. betul.. i only knew that after i boarded the train. no wonder the lower bunks were almost fully booked when i bought the tickets. i thought upper bunks are safer so ppl won't be able to peek, but the bunks are at eye level so it actually doesn't make much difference in that sense. should get lower bunks next time!

Aida Rezuan said...


Excited tengo train :D. A different experience from Paris-Madrid train, right? Bila turun tuh rasa lantai bergoyang2 tak?

dieya said...


you know what my aunt asked me EXACTLY the same thing the moment i disembarked the train at tanjong pagar :-D
apparently her friend once travelled from SG to KL by train, sampai2 kat KL she felt the entire world bergoyang2.. dia pun bergoyang sama.. hahaha! as for me, i rasa macam biasa je, macam turun bas je, no difference.

yeah, paris-madrid train is a lot more systematic and cleaner.. and of course waaaaaay more expensive :-D

Aida Rezuan said...

Ayoyo! Your balancing memang bagus la gitu. After I got out from Paris-Madrid train (tuh jek train jarak jauh yang penah naik.. huhu).. lantai memang goyang sungguh, pening!

As for the tickets, try buying it at least 1 month in advance.. it's cheaper (Tommy cakap la)

dieya said...

owh u poor thing! lepas ni jgn naik train lah, naik flight jek ok. kalau sampai detsination terus pening nak jalan2 pun dah tak best nanti.

i see.. i bought it like 3 weeks before the trip. maybe that wasn't soon enough. owh well, what do i expect, it's europe ;-)

speaking of tommy, tell him and his parents that i just got my spanish exam results. scored 86%!!! estoy muy feliz!!!!!

next level will start in june. dunno if azita will continue too, i hope she will.

p.s. perasan sungguh i ni.. as if you guys r interested with my exam score.. hahaha :-D

Aida Rezuan said...


Hey, congrats! That's great! And they said congrats to you too! :). Mesti la interested nak tau the score, kan. *thumbs up!

You both gonna continue the next level?

dieya said...

muchas gracias to all of u! yeah, azita n i both want to continue. but i'm not sure for my upcoming level will there be enough students for to have a class. else i'll have to opt for private tutor. tengok dulu macam mana. furthermore the teacher who has been teaching me all these while is moving to bangkok, so the institute is short of teachers for now. sedara-mara tommy takde nak migrate ke malaysia jadik cikgu spanish ke? ;-p

Aida Rezuan said...


Ahhh hope there's gonna be enough students for the class.

Bagus idea tuh, buleh bukak kelas Spanish :D