coffee prince café

Pjot was a huge follower of the K-drama “Coffee Prince” (or any K-drama series for that matter), so she was the one who explained to me the significance of the café. We actually wanted to go this place last night, but we got too busy shopping at Myeongdong we lost track of time. Since our supposedly full-day fun at Lotte World today was cut short to half-day, we decided to give it a try.

Finding the place was a little tricky as it was in a less-visited part of town. Pjot printed out the directions she got from the internet, but it was kind of vague and we ended up making some guesses here and there. So she suggested for me to put up the directions here, in case there are other K-drama lovers out there who are looking for a guide to go to this place.

Coffee Prince Café - How to get there?

Take the subway to Hongik University station on Line 2 and get out via exit no. 4 exit no. 8 (thanks to an anonymous reader who informed me on the change).

You will see Seven Springs right outside. Turn right into the junction in front of Seven Springs and walk straight.

You will reach this roundabout. By the way that guy got himself a ticket for illegal parking ;-)

At the roundabout, turn left into the junction where there’s Egro Coffee at the corner.

Walk straight till you reach this small bushy roundabout.

At the roundabout, turn right into this junction and walk uphill. You will pass by many chic clothing stores. Continue walking uphill till you almost reach the end of the road, where there’s a T-junction.

You will see the entrance to the café on your right, just before the T-junction.

Another shot of the café entrance, from opposite direction. Love the red roses!

We got inside and I immediately understood why the café was chosen as the drama’s main location. It was so chic and cozy and made me forget that I was in the middle of one of Asia’s busiest cities. I was such a sharp contrast to busy roadside cafés or those in big malls that I was used to.

The inner walls were nicely decorated with signatures of the casts.

Another side of the café.

The menu. The price was okay, a bit higher than other coffee joints in Seoul, but not too pricey.

We had iced macchiato, ice choc and a pyramid-shaped cake. All for KRW 22,000.

Pjot at one corner.

Me at another corner.

The counter. The guy was the only waiter.

A poster of the cast members near the counter.

A view from the outside.

The Coffee Prince logo with the casts’ signatures around it.

After coffee, we went back to the hotel as we needed to pack up our stuff coz we would be going home tomorrow! We went out to Itaewon again after Isha’ prayers to have dinner and do some last minute shopping. We stayed out till almost all shops were closed. Went back to the hotel, finished up packing, set the alarm at 4:30am as we knew it would take a while for both of us to get ready in the morning, in order to catch a bus at 7am. Hope to wake up on time!


Oscar said...

I m from Mendoza, Argentine. If wold you like write, I have a blog ecologist, and astromer. Too friend. Un kiss from Argentine.

marmarn said...

omg!omg!!omg!!! jeles ok!!!!

dieya said...

gracias por su visita :-)

hahaha.. silalah jeles coz i don't even watch coffee prince tapi dah sampai situ.. hihihi! best ke cerita tu? perhaps i should start watching.. hmm..

AYApunyaCINTA said...

yess u should watch it! ;) im planning to go to Korea for this coming holiday. btw thanks for the tips. btw question, whats the price for a bottle of mineral water? KRW1000?

P.s i think i have to print out all the tips here.well done dieya!! ;))

dieya said...

hahaha i've yet to watch it still, but will definitely keep that in mind!
so u r going there, how exciting! hmm i can't recall how much exactly, but i think it's almost comparable to malaysia. prices of genric items (food, clothes etc.) are quite ok over there.
i'm so flattered, go ahead and print it out :-)
enjoy your trip! do write abt it when u get home!

Anonymous said...

Hi, just want to say I've followed your instructions and it's pretty easy, except that it should be Exit 8, not Exit 4. I came by a previous day from Exit 4, and was hopelessly lost! Went back hotel to google for Seven Springs and realized it should be from Exit 8! I guessed they did some changes to the Exit?

dieya said...

hi there! glad to know you finally got to the place.
they changed the exit number? really? thank's for the info. i'll update it in my entry.