choa chu kang (not phua chu kang)

...continued from previous entry.

Pakngah had to go to work, so he dropped us off at home and left. Went straight to see Nek Teh, she was resting on her bed. As usual, the moment she saw me she started to tear up, but when we began cracking stupid jokes she was all smiles again. Gave her hugs and kisses and passed the warm regards from everyone. And I still hadn't shower, fortunately no one fainted in the process :-p

Headed to Makngah's place (which is just next door) to shower (finally!) and back to Nek Teh's. At noon Makbusu sent her off to do her weekly treatment at a nearby dialysis centre. The rest of us went to Lot One for lunch. The last time I went there, several sections were closed for renovation, now they are all nice and shiny.

Crossing the road towards Lot One.

One of the change is to the rooftop. There's a wet play area for kids and a little garden there.

A view from the entrance.

The overhead bridge in front of the mall.

I've never used the overhead bridge before, crossing the road is much faster. But since Makngah was thinking of losing some excess fat (motivated by my mum's recent weight loss), I made her climb it! She went out of breath trying to make it to the other side, but she did it anyway, albeit with a few pit stops. Terer la Makngah, lain kali kita buat lagi ye :-D

Lot One, my usual hangout.

Went home, rested for a bit and thought of how to spend the evening. At first we wanted to take MRT to go around town, but Makngah said Pakngah was already heading home, so we decided to wait for him. He picked us up and sent us off to the city centre.

To be continued...


エイザト said...

sian makngah kene paksa naik overhead bridge. nampak kurus skit dah compared to d pic @ train station. lol!

Lot One siap dah ade playground on rooftop? I didn't know we can go to d rooftop. rasanya top floor tu cinema, kan?

cepat cepat sambung citer! :D

Liza said...

i'm sure you shop during this trip, do tell!!!!

dieya said...

wahahahaha kena bagitau makngah ni.. sure dia bangga! i told makngah to panjat tangga kat flat sebelah yg 12 floors tu sampai top floor, 3 kali sehari. makbusu kata sudah, tak pasal2 nnt org ingat makngah nak merompak pulak.. hahaha!

k liza,
believe it or not i didn't shop at all! maybe it was too short of a trip so i focused more on jalan2. psssttt, i'm actually saving money to shop on my next trip ;-)

Aida Rezuan said...


Ahhh but I fainted that day.. the wind blew the smell until here :D

dieya said...

you did??? hahaha! i purposely make the smell fly into huelva to replace the volcanic ashes from iceland. you get nasty smell but clear sky, so you should be thankful! :-p

Aida Rezuan said...

Yes I am so thanksful for Dieya's smell :D