¡adios gonzalo!

After only a year plus in Malaysia, my Spanish teacher Señor Gonzalo Broto will be leaving soon. He has accepted a job offer in Bangkok and will be reporting for duty in July. What a time to move to Bangkok, considering the current political unrest over there. We’ve tried to talk to him out of it, but he has already made up his mind to go. I wouldn’t blame him though. Political unrest aside, Bangkok is an exciting city. More so for those who love to party and enjoy nightlife, Bangkok is the place to be.

Today is the last day of the current round of class, which is also his last day with us, and it’s also our examination day. After the exam (which was bordering difficult), we took some class photos with him.

Instituto Cervantes de Kuala Lumpur - Nivel A3 - 6 de martes de 2010 a 15 de mayo 2010

De izquierda a derecha: Katrina, Jenny, Janz, Gonzalo, Lisu, Tracie, Anne.

De izquierda a derecha: Dieya, Jenny, Janz, Gonzalo, Lisu, Tracie, Anne.

No estan en las fotos: Patricia y Shiva.

Gonzalo, buena suerte en tu trabajo nuevo y tu vida nueva en Bangkok. ¡Te echaremos de menos!


JaJa'Z said...

uishh..macam susah je nak belajaor bahasa tu..berbelit2 lidah...

dieya said...

hihihi.. sekali imbas nampak cam susah, tapi actually tak susah sangat coz spanish ni perkataan2 boleh eja macam bahasa melayu. so senang nak master ;-) jom laa blajar sama!