ABC tag from jaja + lieya + ayu

This ABC tag is courtesy of 3 pretty ladies - Jaja, Lieya and Ayu - my latest blogger friends. I first came across their blogs through a tag that I got from Aida. I was immediately drawn to their blogs, but because I was busy with exams at that time, I didn't have the chance to really read them. Now that I've finished my exams (yay!) and started a 2-month long semester break (double yay!), I have all the time in the world to read all the blogs that I want (triple yay!).

Anyway, Jaja was the one who specifically tagged me (thanks sis!). Upon visiting Lieya's and Ayu's blogs, I noticed they too had the same tag and they asked any of their readers to respond. So credits to both of them too.

One more thing, if you’re looking for new blogs to follow, I suggest you follow these three ladies. They are always full of ideas to write about, and they write several entries in a day. Between these three blogs you will be assured of constant supply of new things to read!

Now let's sing ABC!

A for Accountant, that's my job.

B for Barcelona, my favorite football team.

C for Crap, I say that when something goes wrong.

D for Dieya, that's me.

E for Erin, my friend who doesn't blog but reads blogs.

F for Formula 1, I love watching the races.

G for Google, the answer to my craziest questions.

H for Halal, I write about it once in a while.

I for Indah Water, RM8/month ensures unclogged toilets.

J for Jaja, who tagged me.

K for Kuala Lumpur, where I live.

L for Lieya, responding to her tag.

M for Malaysia Airlines, where I work.

N for Nasi Lemak, had that for dinner last night.

O for Oral B, my toothbrush.

P for Pink, the color that makes me happy.

Q for Quarter, that's 1/4.

R for Ruhayu or Ayu, responding to her tag too.

S for Spanish, my third language.

T for Television, the magic box that saves me from boredom.

U for Undo, erases your mistake with one click.

V for Volcano, the ash caused major problem at work last week.

W for World Cup, can't wait!

X for Xavi, Barcelona's midfielder.

Y for You, who are reading this, whoever you are.

Z for Zebra, do you know zebras can swim?

I'm passing the tag to two A's: Azita and Aida. Chicas, haced los deberes, por favor :-p


Aida Rezuan said...

Dah siap homework! *pagi2 rajin

* Those zebra are better than me then, coz I cannot swim :D

Siti Ruhayu Ab Rahman said...


terima kasih yer...suka sangat2 sebab ayu nampak nama ayu kat entry nie...

yang paling buat ayu tersenyum dan kembali ceria....dieya masukkan nama ayu dalam abjad abc tu... i like...muah2x

knitfreak-to-be said... dibuat nanti ;) kita buat marathon tag!!! hahaha...

dieya said...

muy bien, nanti i dtg check! hahaha cepat2 belajar swimming.. next summer go surfing at costa del sol yea.. me n azita mengekor sama :-D

glad u like it! moga ayu terus ceria :-) lagipun dah hari jumaat ni.. esok cuti!

yay! lo acaba? iré a tu blog muy pronto.

Erin said...

didnt kno that zebra's could swim! haha...yup, i read blogs but too lazy/busy to write my own :P

dieya said...

i just found out a couple of days ago while watching tv.. hahaha!
oh well, as long as u keep coming to visit, good enough for me ;-)