white cat

Today I woke up feeling slightly unenergetic as I haven’t been exercising much of late. Have been pretty busy with work stuff, assignment deadlines and my upcoming final exams next week. Hang on, next week actually starts TOMORROW!

When I feel unenergetic, I have no mood to study. So I quickly changed into sports attire and went to Taman Jaya to join the free public aerobic session. Managed to break some sweat, which made me felt really great. Also met this little creature that put a huge smile on my face…

A very cute white cat!

Have you ever watched the movie Fifth Element starring Bruce Willis and Mila Jovovich? In that movie, Bruce Willis has a fluffy white cat with bright yellow eyes. I remember thinking if I ever going to get a cat I’ll definitely get something like that.

Just look at its snowy white fur. If it’s a stray cat, it is the cleanest stray cat I’ve ever seen.

Malu-malu kucing pulak dia bila orang nak ambik gambar :-p

Come on kitty, don’t be shy, look at me.

There you go. Now open your eyes.

Okay, clean yourself up, I’ll wait. Got to look perfect for the camera, don’t we?

Good girl! Aren’t you the cutest cat ever? Yes you are!

Did you just show me a finger?!

Owh by the way, I saw a gondola while going around the lake with other joggers. A little Venice at Taman Jaya?

Nope, it was actually the cleaner collecting rubbish with a rake :-D


dyanna said...

lol.. cats always do that when their pics are taken. When the camera is off, what a bombshell of cuteness. But once the shutter goes off, masa tu la nak garu at weird places.

Erin said...

jgn amek gmbr kucing, nanti dia mati! haha...wonder who started that

Aida Rezuan said...


Ahh thought your exams was last Tue :D. Good luck on both assignments and exams! :)

dieya said...

agreed! penat laa i pujuk2 suruh dia pandang camera, sampai i pun dok meow sama, boh layan je dia.. but when i hid the camera she immediately came to me and rubbed her head at my feet!

talk about old wives tale! maybe that was why the cat takut nak pandang camera, orang dok cerita gitu kat dia.. hahaha!

hahaha.. the exam is actually this tue. i have one paper tomorrow, another one on nx tuesday. muchas gracias!