shoes kasut zapatos sepatu

I must have spent many days and nights thinking of this tag. Why wouldn’t I? It must be the most exciting tag I’ve ever got! Thanks Aida for tagging me!

There was no specific instruction, just got to show some pics of my shoes. Yet I was so determined to give it my best shot that I decided to trace the origin of the tag, just in case I could find some sort of guidance on how it should be done (read: kiasu!).

Dieya <- Aida <- Jaja <- Lelord <- Ismaliana <- Ruhayu <- Faizah <- *_*

Enough already with 7 degrees of connection, else I would be going on for ages. If I were to succumb to my minor OCD, I would track it down till I get to the person who initiated this tag. Perhaps I’ll give away a pair of my shoes to her (I’m pretty sure it’s a she) for being shoe angel!

And since I was on blog-hopping mode, left a “just saying hi” messages on these blogs. Had a great time checking out their shoes. If any you happen to be here, say hi to me!

Now, the most important part *drum roll* Ladies and gentlemen, behold some carefully selected items from my shoe collection!

Most complimented shoes

If I were to give my shoes a ranking, this particular pair would be the undisputed number 1. I’ve received lots of compliments on them. Gorgeous pattern. Comfy soles with spongy padding. Got them from Fiorucci at a huge bargain - the price went down from RM359 to RM100 on sale. I usually wear them on Wednesdays with my turquoise corporate t-shirt as they go perfectly together.

Most expensive shoes

I bought these Prada shoes made of suede calfskin during Christmas sale several years ago. The original price was $900, at that time exchange rate was about 2.90-3.00 so it would be about RM2,600+ *gawk*. It was the only pair left, the size was too small for average Caucasians, so nobody would buy it. The store offered it at $200 which was about RM580+. Thank God for creating Asians in petite size, the moment I my feet touched the soles, it felt like wearing a second skin. Their loss, my win!

Court shoes

I used to be an auditor, so I have a fair collection of court shoes. I hate wearing basic black square-toed boxy-heeled court shoes like most auditors do, ugh! I love having my shoes in an array of colors, prints and patterns.

Strappy shoes

I believe women look best in strappy stilettos. They make our feet look sexy. They also go well with different outfits - from kebaya to skirt to jeans. If I have no idea what shoes to wear, I’ll just pick one of my stilettos and everything will be okay.


I love wearing sneakers on my off days. The Nike on the left have been with me to many places - running on Bondi Beach in Australia, climbing up Mount Eden in New Zealand, riding roller coaster at Tokyo Disneyland, jungle trekking at Kem Sungai Udang with commandos - just to name a few. That would explain why the color had turned from pearly white to muddy brown. The Adidas on the right, however, are hardly worn in Malaysia unless I’m only going out for a short while to a fully air-conditioned building. Why? Because they are made of leather all over, making my feet hot and sweaty. However they are great for travelling to cold countries as they can double up as winter shoes.


I have to feature them here as everyone else featured theirs. These are my oversized army print flip-flops that I bought at Giant for RM5 or less. I only wear them to walk around 100 meter radius from my doorstep i.e. take out the garbage, get the mail or grab a quick bite.

Still can’t get enough shoes? Check out my old entries on shoes here:
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So who are the lucky ones that I’m going to tag this time?
1) Liza - 365 of Liza’s Life
Another shoe fetish. I bet she has a huge collection of fancy footwear that just can’t wait to be shown to the outside world!

2) Nisa - a bed talk
A doctor, medical lecturer and mummy of a lovely daughter. Tough girl doing tough jobs. Wonder what kind of shoes she wears to keep herself standing strong.

3) Aunty Siti - Precious Moments
I’m just curious, what do retirees deem as the perfect footwear?

4) Dyanna - As told by Dyanna
She has been having blogger’s block recently, so I’m giving her a reason to write. And I want to know if engineers only wear rubber sneakers all the time?

So now that you have seen some of my shoes, tell me, which one of them you like best?


Siti Roffini said...

Hi Dieya,
Wow! All those shoes. In no time, you'll beat Imelda Marcos flat. I wish I were 28 all over again so I could borrow your shoes. Ok, I think your Prada tops my list - looks very comfortable and I looooove the colour.

Liza said...

you are so right...i love this tag....will do this soon ya!

Erin said...

Prada wins hands down! cuba kira how many pair of shoes do u have...hehe

knitfreak-to-be said...

tu dia...have you calculated the total net worth of your shoes ;)

my shoes are all over, not well kept, mmg x bole duduk sebaris/ se-rak with yours ;)

dieya said...

aunty siti,
no probs i'll lend you my shoes anytime, as long as you are size 37-38 :-) i don't think one's feet get any bigger with age, do they?

k liza,
yeay! can't wait to see your collection!

another prada lover! nak kira? why don't you come over and help me do a stocktake.. hahaha!

net worth? i rather not count takut nangis nanti.. no looking back.. hahaha! hey have u done yours? you kena the same tag jugak kan! cepat buat, tak aci ni!

niSamiR said...

dieya..thnx for tagging..and i'm sure u'll be surprise on what kind of shoes that i wear everyday...hahahaha..;)

dieya said...

no probs :-) hahaha really?! all the more i wanna see them!

Aida Rezuan said...


OMG! Yup, I did say that over and over again as I read and scroll down looking at your shoes! Haha!

They are all gorgeous! And the Prada ones? OMG! Haha! You surely are a girl bout shoes, eh?

Are these all of your shoes? No more in the boxes? Somehow I have the feeling that they are still more :D

Thanks for playing along and yup, my waiting is all worth it!

dieya said...

happy to know that i've done my homework up to expectation :-D
hihihi.. you're right, there are still several more not featured here. those here are the selected ones i.e. shoes that i'm more fond of and in good condition.
the ones waiting to be replaced are better left unseen ;-p

diyana said...

nice collection of shoes :) really really nice.

you mean u guys have to wear the turquoise kebaya every wednesday? well, that pair of shoes goes well with that outfit.

dieya said...

no, not the kebaya.. hahaha! kebayas are for frontliners. we back office people like me just wear turqoise corporate t-shirt. though i'd like it very much if i get to wear kebaya instead!