I’m in such a good mood this morning, all because of one thing – I saw a rainbow on my way to work!

Since I was a kid, seeing a rainbow always make me happy. I would scream and jump in excitement and ask everyone to look at it. My superstitious mum would warn me, “Don’t point at the rainbow, your finger will become crooked!” Of course there’s no truth to that, but still I wonder what’s the rationale? Is there any reason – scientific, medical, religious, cultural – anything at all, that causes our forefather to forbid us from pointing to rainbows?

The colorful curve right ahead.

A closer look, as I passed by AIROD. By the way, see the cute 70’s style bus stop. Cute!


Liza said...

i saw a very beautiful rainbow during my outstation trip earlier this week, trus sedih cause missing my kids and remembering how they love rainbow

dieya said...

how sweet! no worries sekarang musim hujan panas, greater chances for you n your kids to see rainbows one of these days ;-)