race to the toilet

At my office, there are 4 restrooms on every floor - 2 for gents and 2 for ladies. The smaller ladies restroom is closer to my department. It has 2 stalls - 1 sitting and 1 squatting. The bigger restroom, which is a bit further, has 4 stalls - 1 sitting and 3 squatting.

I prefer sitting toilets than squatting toilets. I’m used to them at home, so I stick to using them wherever I go. Usually I don’t have any problem “fighting” for sitting toilet with anyone, as other people rather use squatting toilets. If the one in the smaller restroom is occupied, I can go to the bigger restroom.

But a couple of few weeks ago, I went to the bigger restroom and saw this...

Someone has taken out the sitting toilet bowl! WHY?!

I’ve waited for it to be replaced, but nothing happen. Now we only have one sitting toilet for the entire floor to use. Though there are not many of us using it, still, it’s a hassle, especially when the one and only sitting toilet is occupied while you are in dire need to let go. Alternatives? One, use the squatting bowl (no, thanks). Two, walk up/down to other floors and user their restrooms (maybe). Three, hold your stuff until the person inside finishes her business and finally gets out (ouch!).

Currently, there are three main contenders in the race to use the sitting toilet. Me, Miss A and Madam B. Miss A, who’s a good friend of mine, has constipation problem. Hence she always takes a very long time to do her business. If I see the sitting toilet is occupied, the first thing I do is to call her name. If she’s inside, I won’t bother waiting. I can go to a different floor, do my business, return to work - and she’s still not done. Madam B is a lady who got one of her leg amputated and uses a walker to move around. Due to her condition, sitting toilet is the only way to go. If I’m in the stall doing my business and I suddenly hear approaching (the 4-legged walker makes a loud noise when it hits the tiled floor), I feel really guilty as I know that she needs to use the sitting toilet more than I do. So will I finish up as fast as I can and quickly get out.

Do you know how it feels having to:
- Rush to a different floor while your bladder is full?
- Hold your stuff while waiting for the other person to get out?
- Finish up your business in a hurry?

Two words: NOT NICE.

Property Department, give us back the sitting toilet!


Siti Roffini said...

Hi Dieya,
Had a good laugh reading your toilet rush. Pampers, may be!!!

Liza said...

another not so nice toilet moment, after coming out from airplane and rushing to the toilet and then the que is as long as....

dieya said...

aunty siti,
hahaha.. pampers for adults! hope we won't get diaper rashes.. eeeiiww!

k liza,
oh i so agree! another one, when getting out of the cinema after a 3-hour movie.. ouch!