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As I mentioned here before, I did a public reading in Spanish last Sunday in conjunction with Día del Libro (World Book Day). It was fun! Me encantó :-)

I went to MPH Megastore One Utama much earlier than I should because I wanted to watch Shiva (my classmate) read at 11:30am. When I got there it wasn’t her turn just yet, so the two of us sat amongst the audience and watched other people read. Our headmistress Susana was already there with her husband Tracie and their cute little baby Elias. Ladis (Azita’s professor) was there too, playing nanny to the baby. I was surprised to see how well Ladis managed it! Soon after, my former classmate Perrin turned up. I was so happy to see her as we hadn’t met each other since she quit Spanish last year.

The book we read that day - Don Quijote de la Mancha by Miguel de Cervantes.

I had to read Capitulo III for about 5 pages.

When I got there this guy was reading. I think he’s a native Spanish speaker.

This lady read an English version of the book. I liked the way she read, she captured everyone’s attention with her melodious intonation and lovely British accent.

That’s Shiva. She used to live in Argentina for 3 months doing volunteer work by helping adults with disabilities.

Next was my turn. Vamos a leer el libro.

That’s Susana handing me a gift bag for participating :-) Each reader got a bag.

Now back to reading. This is Faisal, a private Spanish tutor. He speaks Spanish like a bullet train!

This is Faisal’s friend. Didn’t get her name. If I’m not mistaken she’s majoring in Spanish in Universiti Malaya.

This (I think) is the girl’s boyfriend, whom (according to Faisal) doesn’t understand a word of Spanish but wanted to try reading anyway. He did well though!

Mi profesor guapo, se llama Gonzalo. Too bad he’s leaving for Bangkok in July. After being his student for three levels, I feel a little sad that he won’t be my teacher anymore. Bangkok students, be nice to him!

Susana was the last reader for the day.

Ladis and baby Elias. The little fella was enchanted by his beard :-D

Baby Elias just couldn’t take his eyes away from Ladis.

The Instituto Cervantes gang: Tracie, Gonzalo, Ladis, baby Elias, me and Shiva. Hey the baby likes me too!

The little fella was such a sweetheart. He looked a bit confused but I think he enjoyed the attention.

After the session Perrin and I went to T.G.I. Fridays for lunch. I wanted to take a pic of her with the bag but she screamed a big no. That was her elbow to the left of the bag.

So what did I get?
- A beautiful stalk of red rose. As per tradition, a girl gets a rose.
- A t-shirt written “Andalucia llega al corazon” (Andalucia comes to heart).
- A bookmarker commemorating the occasion.
- Instituto Cervantes souvenirs - a pencil, a big paperclip cum fridge magnet and a friendship band.
- A photo book on Barcelona.

Oh yeah, I had fun! Sounds incredibly nerdy when I say it out loud, but hey, I did have fun! Don’t mind doing it again next year :-)

P.S.: Sorry, no video. Perhaps if you come and watch me next year you can be my videographer ;-) Hope you've enjoyed the pics though!


Fertzy said...
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Fertzy said...

cekgu punyerla hensem camana anak murid tak cepat pandai. haha!

dieya said...

wahahaha yaa tepat sekali! sayangnya cekgu ku itu nak pindah dah.. sob sob.. moga2 dapat cekgu baru yg lebih hensem.. hihihi!

Erin said...

baru nak tnya what's in the bag...tp siap ada gmbr lg hehe. cool mate! next yr must take a vid ;)

dieya said...

hahaha.. saja tayang apa dlm bag. why don't u come with me nx year mate, we take vids of both of us reading!

knitfreak-to-be said...

ladis has nieces and nephews, so he has had vast training already ;)

ala...gonzalo nak pindah bangkok...kena cari eye candy for replacement ni, to bad not many chico estudiante...hahaha...

dieya said...

ahhh.. no wonder! it was really cute watching him with the baby.

yeah, too bad he's leaving. hey you hv many chicos at our workplace kan? ask them all to learn spanish!

Aida Rezuan said...


You sure had fun, eh? Good for you! Bet you did great too!

* kiut ye si cikgu nye :D

* next year kena book somebody awal2 so that buleh amik vid, kan? Kan?

dieya said...

yes i did!
itulah, my cikgu nak blah dah *sedih* huhuhu.. tolonglah tangkap some cute spanish guys in huelva and ask them to come to malaysia to teach spanish!
yeah, let's try to have the session on video next year!

Aida Rezuan said...

Sebut pasal comel2 nih kan, hotel kat Burunchel hari tu (hotel keluarga) ada mamat comel giler! Dia (adik bongsu keluarga tuh kot) keje jadual pagi sampai tengari. Tiap2 hari jamu kitorang makan pagi.. memang sungguh ramah and comel!

* nota: kena tuleh dalam bahsa melayu ye bab2 gini.. haha!

dieya said...

hahaha.. takut si dia cemburu ya.. nasib baik ada bahasa rahsia *erk rasa macam geli pulak bila cakap ala2 jiwang karat ni kan*

wah nanti kalu i pegi sana kena minta alamat hotel.. nak jumpa jejaka comel itu!

Aida Rezuan said...


Haha.. tuh la kan? Memang geli sungguh, tapi untuk keselamatan.. adalah lebih baik gitu. Huhu!

Orait, alamat hotel ada.. nanti kalo Dieya gi, saya kasik. :)

dieya said...

ok set.. akan dimaklumkan sekiranya saya sampai ke sana ;-)