halal feature: Maoz @ Barcelona, Spain

One more entry on Maoz, one more time I forgot to take a photo of the falafel.. haih! To my defense, it was my kid brother who had it, I didn’t buy anything there. He was suddenly hungry in the middle of the night so we went to this outlet which was very nearby our hotel on the infamous La Rambla.

Maoz on La Rambla. The outlook of this outlet is not much different from the one in Madrid earlier. We had to wait for a while for the staffs to finish cleaning the place between shifts, which explains the overturned chairs.

Here’s the place on Google map:

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There’s also another Maoz outlet nearby on Carrer de Ferran, just a short walk from La Rambla. The map to that one is here:

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The hungry kiddo with his takeaway falafel. La Rambla is absolutely beautiful at night!


Aida Rezuan said...


Gambo amik dengan kamera you father ke? :D

Hey thanks for sharing all these halal restaurants. Maybe I can look for those. So far I'm always cooking at home and rarely eat out. Kalo makan pon.. carik seafood.

* by the way, I tagged you in my blog. If ada masa maybe you can check it out. :)

dieya said...


hahaha taklah, this one guna my
mum's cam, modern sikit. but still, camera pinjam!

no probs, glad that you find it useful :-) too bad i didn't go to huelva, if i go there in the future we go explore halal restos there together k!

owh, ada tag lagi? ok i go check it out!