halal feature: Halal Food Sas Doner Kebab @ Rome, Italy

To be honest, I don’t even know if I got the name right. Sounds funny for a restaurant, don’t you think so? But if that’s what’s written at the entrance, who am I to dispute. This place is very near to Termini station, like only 20 steps away. And there are two halal eateries side-by-side. More choice I say.

As usual, more choice = more confusion. Where to eat?

That’s my little brother heading towards the restaurants. I made him choose and amused myself watching him torn between the two places. That guy in white jacket is a tour operator trying to entice a customer. Saw him almost everyday at the same spot.

Looks like the kid made his choice. The tour guy couldn’t close the deal. The group on the right moving away, looking confused.

Yup, he wanted to go to the one on the right.

Why? Because it serves this - beryani! That’s his beef beryani.

This is my mutton beryani with extra curry.

The both beryani are good, full stop :-D Anyway, I was about to leave the restaurant when I saw a bunch of familiar faces speaking Malay - my friend Tania and her family! Who would have thought we would meet each other in Rome, of all places.

We didn’t try the restaurant on the left. If you have, let me know if it’s any good.

Here’s the place on Google map:

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