fooled by facebook

Got a shock when I went to Facebook page yesterday and everything was in Spanish! Facebook playing early April Fool’s joke on me?

Tried clicking that link that says “English US”. Didn’t work. Neither did the “Bahasa Melayu” link. Didn’t dare to click on other languages, if by any chance they worked I’d be in trouble.

Today, I take a deep breath, type Facebook’s URL in the address bar, wait for a moment…

…it’s back in English! Thank goodness!

Ish Facebook ni.. bikin orang gabra jek tau!

*Thinking* Maybe the whole hoo haa about “someone out there” monitoring your every click is true?

Not that I’m being paranoid or anything (or am I?), but think about it. How else would Facebook know that I have been surfing Spanish sites every now and then? Oh wait a minute, they didn’t change the setting to Bahasa Melayu but to Spanish. Have I been reading more stuff in Spanish than in Malay?

*Looking left, looking right* There’s no CCTV in my room, right? Ada pulak yang keluar video ala2 Nasha Aziz nih karang…


Aida Rezuan said...


* bisik sebalik pintu jek nih.. takut nak masuk, ada CCTV ye? :D

I think it's just FB, there's nothing to worry bout. Happens the same with me lots of time, everything in Spanish eventhough I don't even surf for Spanish things.

I'm feeling that it's one of their feature or nature, to detect the most common environment for user, or automatically set the default environment by region. (I think :D)

Tawel Sensei said...

Oh seram ni kalau-kalau ada CCTV!

But I think it's a kind of bug in Facebook. :)

Anyway, may I ask you a question: Why don't you use Firefox!?

dieya said...

sshhh.. jgn bising2.. someone might be watching.. hahaha!
yeah.. i think that's a logical explanation ;-)

itulah.. macam the truman show pulak!
tried using firefox a while ago, but reverted to ie. no particular reason, i'm just more familiar with ie. perhaps i should give firefox another try.. hmm..