f1 malaysian gp 2010

Yesterday my pals and I went to watch Formula 1 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix 2010. Being an F1 fan, watching Malaysian GP is almost an annual thing. Since it was introduced in 1999, I have watched 8 out of 12 races live at the circuit.

Being a typical multitasking Malaysian, the driver snapped a group photo in the middle of traffic backlog en route to Sepang International Circuit.

Three of us already got our radio cum ear protector headphones since we are seasoned F1 followers. Waiting for Haz to get hers.

Ejas betul2 haa tauke. Make sure boleh muat saya punya telinga.

Into the paddock we go!

Average price of one t-shirt is RM300 *roll eyes*

If your seat is far from the screen, you can rent a portable tv here.

Mercedes-Benz + Petronas booth.

Paddock entrance.

Our grandstand seats. All ready to flag-off!

Jenson Button passing by.

Fernando Alonso, mi amor *throwing kisses*

Me + Zuzu with our teletubbies headphones.

That race marshal on the bike didn’t even use any ear protector. Crazy!

Haz + Irna checking out passing cars.

Michael Schumacher’s race ended right in front of us. That was his car being towed away.

It was incredibly noisy we couldn’t hear each other’s voice, so we had to write.. hahaha!

All rise for the final lap!

The big screen displayed the list of winners and losers.

F1 cars lined up for post-race inspection. The podium is on the left.

Oh so many people!

In front of Mercedes team’s garage.

Race over. Let’s go home!

Before that, did Asar prayers at the surau (prayer room). It’s located inside the paddock, near Jade grandstand. Which means only people with grandstand tickets can use it. Wonder if there’s any surau at the hillstand?

Such a huge surau, but only 2 pairs of telekung (prayer robe) available. Must remember to bring my own next time.

Left the circuit at 6:25pm. It was already getting dark.

Bye bye Malaysian GP 2010!

Owh, we had satay Kajang before heading home. Yummy!


Siti Roffini said...

Noticed that you had a fabulous time. Nice pictures, satay kajang tops my list.

dieya said...

yeah it was awesome :-D
had too much satay kajang i went home with a stomach cramp.. erk!

Erin said...

jealous, okay! always wanted to go but since it's always on sunday..xpernah berani amek leave. apa nak ckp kat bos, nak tgk jenson button? haha. btw, posing tu tayang beg lawa ek :P

dieya said...

alaaa.. takkan one day pun tak boleh kot? ur students not gonna miss u for one day laa, lagi happy ada kot ;-) and the circuit is so close to the airport, u can immediately go back after the race.

beg tu jarang2 buat public appearance.. besar sgt tatau nak isi apa. since i had to bring the headphone yg gedabak tu tiba2 terus beg tu berguna. dah jarang2 keluar kena tayang lebih2!

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

sakannn no..

suka part last tuh.. siap buat zig zag.. puas aku gelak kat umah..

sioot jekk!!..

baju2 tuh mmg mahal imitate grade 1 aku ada. Sini tgok: www.automobiletee.com

dieya said...

apa ajelah yg ko merepek ni labu??? i only understand line pertama jek.
nih mesti kes banyak sgt popup, nak komen kat blog lain, pegi taip kat blog lain :-p

Aida Rezuan said...


Hey I get to watch it too! (tengok tv kat sini :D). Didn't get to watch all though..

You girls really had fun eh? Great! :)

dieya said...

yeah, had lots of fun! the most fun part was when schumacher car stopped right in front on us. macam tak percaya i could see his face 'live' (walaupun seberang jalan).. hahaha!
too bad mi amor alonso's race ended early too.. huhuhu

krengtina said...

paling suka time schumi bonceng motor kapcai tu. sgt cute :)

dieya said...

wahahaha.. kelakar kan! dah biasa tgk dia naik kereta mahal2 suddenly bonceng kapcai.. nampak sungguh innocent :-p