comida española

I’m too full to write something brainy (even brainless). Just got back from lunch at La Bodega with Fiza. Took some pics of the food we ate. Each dish was really yummy, especially the paella. It has always been tough for me to get someone to share paella with (FYI La Bodega only make paella in a minimum serving for two persons at a price of RM30 per person), therefore it was just my luck when Fiza agreed to share. By the way, we were actually on our way home from Spanish class and since Spanish stuffs were still lingering in ours heads, it was a split second decision to go to La Bodega for lunch. And La Bodega was having a promo where we could get paella for two persons and 3 types of tapas for RM80. ¡Que bien!

Chicken paella. If you order this, you have to wait 30 minutes for them to prepare it. So make sure you order some tapas to feed yourselves while waiting. Those funny looking moon-shaped stuffs are actually lemons. I have no idea why they look so white and bright in the pic. By the way I took these pics using my phone, so pardon the quality.

Tapa no. 1, potatoes and beef bacon in creamy cheese sauce. Fatteningly delicious!

Tapa no. 2, salads with mushrooms and duck cutlets. Healthy stuff.

Tapa no. 3, looked like pizza, tasted like pizza, but definitely yummier than pizza. Had some fish and pepper on it.

Clean pan after we finished the paella. ¡Que buenisimo! Owh, the lemon is still there. I don’t like eating paella with lemon, it makes the rice tastes funny.

If you feel like making these dishes yourselves, don’t ask me for the recipes. Ask Aida ;-)


knitfreak-to-be said...

i ponteng spanish class today, am in SP now. most of my classmates are going the venezualean embassy party tonite, so i guess they get to practise. i jugak yang tertinggal..huhuhu..

Liza said...

how's the price, many friends asked me to come here tapi tak sempat lagik

Aida Rezuan said...


Que buenisimo! Pero porque no comiste toda la paella? :D

I've never tasted duck before, how was it? Similar to chicken?

Psst.. naper ada orang tuh ponteng her Spanish class ye? Siap lepas ke SP dah tuh! :D

* I'm not a pro in making paella la Dieya.. huhu! At makan, si! :D

dieya said...

owh ponteng ye! buat apa kat SP?
yeah several from my class are going as well. i'm planning to go to the dia del libro celebration at OU nx sunday. wanna tag along?

k liza,
the price lebih kurang macam chilis, alexis gitu. a bit on the high side but definitely worth it! you must try the paella, sangat sedap!

too full, no puedo.. brrrp!
para mi, duck tastes similar to chicken, casi igual. cuma liat sikit kot.
itulah.. ponteng pulak si azita tu. camner nak borak2 ngan keluarga aida & tomi nanti kan?

Erin said...

always wanted to try paella lah, slalu tgk dlm tv je haha. will give it a try if/when i go up to KL :)

dieya said...

datang KL nnt call me, we go to la bodega together!

Erin said...

orait...set! ^_^

knitfreak-to-be said...

am on duty this week, but see if i can get my hsemate to hold the pager for me, nanti i'll try t escape ;)