weird dream

I had a weird dream. I dreamt of going to work by bicycle! Yup, I got on a bike, cycled to office and attempted to park my bike at the parking spot where I usually park my car. Suddenly a security guard came telling me, “Tak boleh letak kat sini dik. Ini parking kereta. Pegi letak kat parking motor sana.” Muahahaha.. what on earth was I thinking trying to park my bicycle at the car park! Then I slowly pushed my bike to the motorbike parking area and parked it there. Then.. swoosh! I woke up. I was sweating all over (maklumlah baru lepas kayuh basikal jauh giler beb.. ngehehehe). Looked at the time, omigod it was 7:05am! I totally overslept! Quickly got myself ready in lightning speed and off to work, by car laa not by bike.. giler aper nak kayuh basikal sampai airport. I don’t even own a bicycle, even if I do I’m not going to cycle 20km to work.. duhhh.. apa punya mimpi daa!

When I got to office (kali ini betul2, bukan cobaan) told Liza about the dream (pendengar setia kisah2 karut-marut ku). Freaking hilarious! Liza said the only time she woke up all sweaty was because of a dream getting chased by a monster. Hey, at least my dream was not that weird after all!

P.S.: This must have something to do with the ongoing Le Tour de Langkawi. Wait till World Cup season comes in a few months time, I may have dreams of piloting a flight to Joberg to watch Messi in action!


Liza@ jiran sebelah cubicle said...

Nasib baik la lagi kalau you mimpi naik flight gi tgk Messi.. kalau naik basikal gak camne? tak ke haru.. hehehhehehhe

knitfreak-to-be said...

mimpi yang sangat environment friendly, bagus betul..hehehe...:)

dieya said...

kalau i naik basikal tgk messi jawabnya kena amik EL terus.. pasal mimpi lama sangat.. jauh woo nak sampai :-p

hahaha itulaa pasal! too bad can't come true.. well, actually can, cuma malas saja nak mengayuh tu.. hahaha!