un buen día

Today is a good day. Un buen día. Love it.

Went to Spanish class in the morning, my first class for Level A3. My teacher is still Señor Gonzalo Broto. There are only 11 people in the class, 10 girls and 1 guy (goes to show that learning a new language is the least of men’s interest). Ala, Perrin and Jeev weren’t there *sad*, those were my closest pals during A2, all of them decided not to continue with A3. Several other old classmates were there though. Patricia the chirpy sales exec, her good friend whom I can’t remember the name, Clara who has a cute 15-month old daughter, Anne a fellow accountant, Norli an engineer, Karina from Kazakhstan and Tracy the only guy in the class. There are also new faces in the class. Olivia who already knew some Spanish (she used to live in Texas) took a placement test and jumped straight to A3. Shiva who used to live in Argentina for 3 months perhaps took a placement test as well as I haven’t seen her before. And there’s one more lady who took an intensive A2 course last round instead on the normal course like the rest of us. I guess that’s all. Let me count again *counting*, yup, 10 people plus me makes 11 of us.

Met Fiza after class, her A1 class finished a bit later. Also met Azita who’s doing A2, nice to finally put a face to the name. Had lunch with Fiza, we ate at Italiannies coz I was craving for pasta. Then I went to buy some stuff, including…

… this! I finally got the book! Woohoo!

I am extra happy as I got it at a really cheap price. MPH is having members sale till tomorrow, 15% discount for all books. And I also used the cash voucher that I redeemed before, extra discount for me!

Just RM 34.90 for a hardcover bestseller. Yeah baby!

Since the sale has been going on since Wednesday, a lot of good books are gone. I used the book search system at the store and found that there were only five copies of The Lost Symbol left! Five copies I tell you for such a hot item. And when I got to the shelf, I could only see one lonely copy. Imagine that! The other four must have been taken those people who were in the store at the same time as me.

The downside is that the final copy on the shelf is usually the browsing copy. I normally avoid buying browsing copy, I always try to get the newest copy, preferably shrink-wrapped, fresh from the box. I hate buying worn-out stuff. But since it’s the final copy (yes I checked with the staff, they didn’t have anymore copy in stock), I didn’t have much choice. After all, if I wanted to make use of the members discount I needed to act fast. If I didn’t buy it, someone else definitely would. But because I clearly knew it was the final copy, the OCD in me couldn’t help noticing some defects on the book.

See the crooked corner? I would never tolerate it if I were to pay full price. But for a RM 65 discount? Deal!

If I take off the shiny cover the defect can be clearly seen.

Including the latest addition to the family, I now have 4 books that I have yet to read the first page.. hahaha! The one on the top, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, I bought it in Paris at during my recent trip. Holy Blood Holy Grail was bought a long time ago during the heyday of The DaVinci Code, yet all I did so far was browsing through the illustration page. The Last Word on Power was a gift during a course at work, it’s my previous big boss’s (Dato’ Sri Idris Jala) favorite book.

Then there are several books that I have started reading but never finished. First up is The Godfather, my ongoing reading, which by the way has been ongoing for at least a year ;-) The next book, P.S. I Love You is actually not mine, I borrowed it from Lisa sometime 5 years ago (maybe more), read a few chapters and never continued. Then the movie came out and I watched it. So since I already know how the story unfolds there’s no need for me to read the book anymore. I bought Soul of the Iris in support of the girl who wrote it. The storyline is superb but there are just too many grammatical mistakes that make my head spin. Well, what can you expect, it was written by a 16-year-old girl and published independently. I bet she didn’t even think of using an editor. So I decided to stop reading it, else I would be in danger of turning into Astro’s Auntie English correcting every line. Sack the CEO is my dad’s book. He bought it in India during a work trip, finished reading it and passed it to me. It’s a great book but I’ve yet to reach the last page.

Then there are these two very important books, my MBA textbooks! They are actually the real reason why I don’t get to finish all the other books. Every time I feel like reading the other books, I look at these two books and I feel really guilty. How can I start reading something else when I haven’t even finish reading my textbooks? Oh well, the truth is many students pass their exams without even owning a textbook, let alone reading it. So I shouldn’t be so worried, should I?

Everything combined, these are all the books that I should finish reading sooner or later. Hmm.. maybe I should stop buying books for a while and start reading them! After all, like the saying goes:

“Reading maketh a man, knowledge breeds confidence.”

P.S.: “Maketh” is a valid English word. If you don’t believe me, ask Auntie English.


Erin said...

wow, that is A LOT of books to read! super jealous that u got the Lost Symbol hardcover for only that much!! read it first, the rest can wait ;)

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

dieya..ehh.. ko org IT ehh?

dieya said...

i'm soooo tempted to start reading it, but the thing is i know if i start i'll never be able to put it down till i get to the ending! happened with my other dan brown books.. tak tido sampai ke subuh nak habiskan buku nyer pasal ;-)

tak aih.. amik MBA tapi kena amik one subject on MIS as core subject.. so kenalah belajar IT gaks sket2

knitfreak-to-be said...

nice to meet u too ;) and thanks for the magnet!!! my class no chico, only chicas..hahaha...berkarat lidah nak practice espanol..

dieya said...

no probs, glad u liked them :-) hahaha too bad.. i guess at any level there are muchas chicas que chicos!

Guru Hujung Dunia said...

Salam ziarah

Blog yang menarik..saya peminat buku gak..pernah satu masa timbunan buku kiri kanan bawah kaki semua x abis baca, habis beribu2 rm. Skang rm dah x cukup download jer la kat 4shared. Buku menarik untuk dibaca : The History of God

dieya said...

Guru Hujung Dunia,

salam singgah! itulah, i ni beli buku banyak2, tapi baca sikit2. sudahnya banyak buku yg backlog tak habis baca.

the history of god, eh? sounds interesting. i'll check it out.

nice to know you :-)