suddenly geeky

Ever since Facebook changed its layout several months ago I've been one unhappy user. I don't know why they make all sorts of things appear on my home page, things that I'm not even the least bit concerned about. I don't need to know who has built a chicken coop on FarmVille, or who is having food tasting session on Café World, or how many god-knows-what creatures have you killed in Mafia Wars. It may make some sense if I play those games, the thing is I don't, yet I'm getting all those updates that serve me no purpose. It gets even more annoying when there are too many of those useless updates popping up that the real updates that I'm interested in (i.e. status updates, latest photo uploads) are lost in between.

Suddenly yesterday I made an interesting discovery. I could hide those useless updates from my view for good! I knew much earlier that I could hide any update that I didn't wish to see, but I didn't know the hide function could be application-specific. I could actually get rid those annoying mess from my home page FOREVER!

Here's how I did it:

Step 1:
I clicked on the button that said “Hide” on the top right corner of the announcement.

Step 2:
I didn’t want to hide everything about Majidah, but I wanted to hide everything about FishVille. So I clicked “Hide FishVille”.

Step 3:
No more FishVille stuff appearing on my homepage!

Step 4:
Say if I click on “Edit Options” in Step 2 above, this popup appears. I wonder what value this adds. I don’t mind genuine updates from friends, what bothers me are garbage updates from their applications!

Voilà! Quite a huge accomplishment for a non-techy person *patting myself on the back*


azrin said...

me also annoyed with all those applications update, thanks for the steps, useful to me...

dieya said...

u r most welcome. glad i could help :-)

Erin said...

hiyakk, FV tu akulaa haha. glad u found the edit options hihi

dieya said...

hahaha tau takpe :-p
not only u laa mate.. my mum, my aunts semua sibuk buat reban ayam.. penternak berjaya sungguh korang ni.. hahaha!

Erin said...

been meaning to quit, but somehow i kept expanding my farm haha. ey, ur mum + aunts pon main jgk, cool lah hihi...