less snacking, more drinking

I have a weakness for snacks. Dry, fast and unhealthy ones like chips, cakes, chocs etc., you name them, I love them. It’s bad for my diet, heck, it’s bad for my entire body. I must cut down on them. MUST. But how? I can’t watch E! News or a football match or most importantly CSI without munching something (yes I do eat while watching Dr. Robbins squeezes the gooey juice out of someone’s intestines to find out what’s his/her last meal). I used to stock up fruits in the fridge but got lazy with the cutting and peeling, so I stopped doing that. Tried switching to salads, after a while I felt like a goat munching on tasteless leaves, so gave up on that too. The only reason I’m able to stay in shape (though I do fall off the wagon once in a while) is a bit of exercising (gets even lesser as assignment deadlines approach) and cutting down portion of major meals.

Since it’s tough to cut down snacking, I’ve thought of an alternative - juice. Fresh juice. As I said, I don’t like cutting fruits. Eating them can be too filling. I love drinking juice, but fresh juice is just too expensive, the mamak joint near my place sells it at RM 2 and I’m pretty sure they mix it with cordial. So I’ve decided to get a juicer. Just throw in apples, oranges, celery sticks, or whatever, add in water and presto!

My brand new toy. Got the one with washable filter. There’s another type with paper filter, I don’t like it as I don’t want to spend more money to keep the machine functioning.

There’s a juice recipe booklet for a kick-start.

My fruits stock. Got some celery sticks too, it’s good for digestion. Healthy lifestyle, here I come!

Juicer at work. First attempt - mango juice.

The best part is the juicer comes with a tumbler, which means I can store the juice and bring it to work the next day. Coolness!

The pulp. Come to think about it, if I need some real fiber intake I can just eat it. No more cutting and peeling. Well okay, maybe some peeling is still needed, but hey, less chewing ;-)

The bad thing about owning a juicer - there are crazy many different parts to clean after each use! And they come in funny shapes and sizes, almost flooded the kitchen cleaning them.

The verdicts:

1) Mangoes are unworthy to be made juices. Too little effort by the juicer to squeeze fruit, too much effort by the owner to clean up the mess.

2) Get a brush to clean the filter and the blades, also some of the parts. Pulp tends to get itself into impossible corners.

3) Make juices in huge quantity so it makes some sense to spend the time preparing the fruits and cleaning everything afterwards.

4) I’m rethinking if the entire process of making my own juice is worthwhile when I can get it at a mamak stall for RM 2. Quality or time or money?

5) Niva once talked me against buying a juicer. “When you don’t have one, you want one. Once you get one, it just sits in a corner doing nothing,” she said. I should have listened to her, shouldn't I?

6) Might have to get a new dish rack for the juicer’s washable parts. They take up lots of space while drying up. Else I would have to stock up paper towels to wipe them immediately after washing.

7) Owning a juicer is tiring. Period.


niSamiR said...

yummy..this one can go for ice blended tak?

*Jilly* said...

haha.. owning a juicier mmg tiring expecially bila nak clean up balik. hehe.. i have the exact same thing and i gave after a few trials. skrg jadi white elephant je duk dlm kotak..

Erin said...

alah, i feel for u mate..hik. my mum bought one, pkai once or twice je since it's such a hassle to clean. i wish they would invent sumthing easier to work with. come on, they sent people to the moon!

dieya said...

tell me about it! rasa nak give up dah buat juice after the first attempt.

not sure about that, but considering it can crush an entire apple, i think ice shouldn't be a problem, i guess.

itulah.. why can't they come out with something easier to clean. not everyone has a dishwasher. even if you use a dishwasher i doubt it can reach those difficult corners, silap2 kena berus balik jugak. haih!

knitfreak-to-be said...

well, at least you tried. what i did (note the past tense..hahaha) i just have a separate blender jug (yang normal for chillies and others) separate one for juices, but yeah takes time to skin and cut the fruit, but definitely worth it ;)

dieya said...

i once used a blender too but gave it up coz i thought filtering was a hassle. so i bought the juicer. didn't expect the cleaning to be a bigger hassle!

dyanna said...

ugh.. i hate the cleaning up after part of these juicers. Kat rumah guna sebulan je dlm setahun (masa posa) and semua adik beradik berebut nk potong buah sebab yg tak buat kena basuh bende tu.

I told my mum to change it to the blender type. just got one last week (guna points credit card) and belum cuba lagi. hopefully no need to clean up so much.

dieya said...

u mean a juicer that looks like a blender? or u use a blender as a juicer? u know what, last night i gave it another attempt. kali ni buat banyak2 and stock up inside the fridge! baru berbaloi penat cleaning the parts.. kot..

jiran sebelah @ MAS said...

u.. ape kate letak aje juicer tu kat office.. sure berbaloi baloi.. hehehhe... pastu ramai yg rajin cuci kat office nie.. suruh aje bebudak trainee buat.. peace ;p

dieya said...

mmg ada gak terpikir nak bawak gi ofc.. hmm.. tengok dulu lah