kak ti troli

A few weeks ago I listened to Hot FM on the way to work. A lady named Kak Ti called to share her first flying experience from KL to Langkawi. Kak Ti sounded like a very nice and funny kampung lady (no offence to anyone from kampung, I’m a kampung chick myself). From the tone of her voice she might be about my mum’s age. Though Kak Ti had natural fear of heights, she gathered all her inner strengths and boarded the aircraft anyway. She really wanted to experience riding a plane.

The engine revved, the aircraft taxied along the runway, getting ready to take-off. Kak Ti recited her doa again and again. The plane hit full throttle, the wheels left the tarmac and off it went into the sky. Realizing she was no longer on the ground, Kak Ti screamed at the top of her lungs!

Kak Ti: Huuuwwwaaaaaa! Aku takut!!! (I’m scared!!!) *hands automatically grabbed the people to her left and right*
Stewardess: *Running towards Kak Ti* Kenapa kak??? (What’s wrong madam???)
Kak Ti: Hang diam!!! Aku takut!!! Huuuwwwaaaaaa!!! (You shut up!!! I’m scared!!!) *hands still holding tight to the strangers*

Kak Ti screamed like no one’s business, letting off her fear through her vocal chords. Other passengers - locals and tourists alike - stared at her, she didn’t care, she kept screaming anyway.

When the aircraft finally touched down in Langkawi, Kak Ti’s legs were numb. Her head was spinning. She couldn’t walk at all. The airport’s staff had to put her on a baggage trolley and push her out of the arrival gate!

Hence she was known from thereon as Kak Ti Troli. Hahaha!

This morning she called Hot FM again. Today’s topic was “Dah lama aku tak buat benda ni…” (“It has been so long since I did this…”). When the deejays Faizal and Fara asked who was on the line, she happily answered, “Ni Kak Ti.. Kak Ti Troli!” (“This is Kak Ti.. Kak Ti Troli!”). Hahaha.. such a cool lady!

Kak Ti said when she was growing up, every time she saw a cow eating grass by the river at her kampung, she would automatically push the cow into the river! For no reason at all! Hahaha! I can’t help laughing out loud when I run the image in my head, so funny! She said even now, when she went back to her kampung, she couldn’t help herself from doing that. Can you imagine, at that age, pushing cows into the river! Hahaha!

After Kak Ti finished telling her story, Faizal and Fara asked her:

Fara: Habis lembu tu tak tolak akak balik ke? (Wouldn’t the cow push you back?)
Kak Ti: Tak pulak.. hahaha! (Not really... hahaha!)
Fara: Lembu tu mesti kata, “Kenapalah orang ni dok tolak aku masuk sungai…” (The cow must have tought, “Why oh why this woman keeps pushing me into the river...”)
Faizal: Ataupun lembu tu kata, “Habislaa.. lembu lagi satu ni dah datang nak tolak aku lagi!” (Or the cow would think, “Oh no... the other cow is here to push me again!”)

Hahaha! Kak Ti Troli, you made my day!


niSamiR said...

hahahahahahaha........ur story made my day dieya!!!hahaha

Erin said...

super funny lah that cow story...haha

knitfreak-to-be said...

terer la kak ti tu, dah femes sampai ade blog posting lagik!!

dieya said...

glad it did! hahaha! everytime i recall the story i feel like like laughing all over again :-D

itulah.. imagine that! kelakar tak ingat!

hahaha i laa ni bagi dia femes ;-) memang kelakar laa kak ti tu.. kalu dgr live on radio lagi kelakar!

azrin said...

ur story made my day... merawat kebosanan buat internal audit nih...

dieya said...

glad it made ur day too :-)
cepat2 siapkan audit.. cepat boleh balik kl! jgn lupa beli kek lapis byk2 bawak bekal!