halal feature: King Sandwich @ Paris, France

I saw this restaurant immediately as I exited République metro station. I actually went to the area to check out as many halal joints that I could find along the stretch of road from République metro station all the way to Boulevard Haussmann where the infamous Galeries Lafayette is located. I was motivated by several websites that featured a number of Muslim-owned premises along the road and I wanted to see them for myself. However I miscalculated the fact that it was quite a long stretch of road (2.5 km!) and that I already spent almost the entire day walking. My feet gave up and I really didn’t feel like finishing the walk as planned. So I stopped at another halal joint (will write about that next time), grabbed a bite, found the next metro station (Strasbourg - Saint-Denis station) and took the metro back to my hotel.

Okay, back to the restaurant. The place is called King Sandwich. Since I didn’t go to this place the first time I saw it, I returned there on my final day in Paris, just before taking a train to Madrid. Had a delicious sandwich with beef patties, layers of cheddar cheese and eggs to top it up. So yummy! Yeah, with all the calories, how could it possibly not be yummy ;-)

It has a cool name but I can’t recall what it’s called. Look at the portion of fries they gave me, I guess Parisians must really love their French fries!

My kid brother had chicken sandwich (or kebab, can’t remember exactly). Nice too.

After finishing my meal I realized the tray’s lining had the restaurant’s address printed on it, with halal logo too.

That’s the entrance. It’s right outside République metro station. The station has two exits though, one is right in front of this place, the other is across the road. Either way, you’ll easily see the restaurant when you get out of the station.

Place de la République is just across the road. If you come out of the other exit, you’ll find yourself on the other side of the road, nearer to the square.

Here’s the restaurant on Google map:

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good ;) very useful, keep it coming for people like me yang malas nak me-research nih ;)

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thanks! will keep it coming so long as i have something to write about ;-)