facebook talk

Ms. Z: Babe, I’ve deactivated my Facebook account.
Me: Huh? Why? Someone’s harassing you?
Ms. Z: No. I’ve been spending too much time stalking other people that I get headaches. Better do something else!

First time I ever heard of someone deactivating Facebook coz she couldn’t stop herself from stalking others.

To Ms. Z, there’s always Google ;-)


niSamiR said...


ilif said...

sounds like a friend i know hehe. she did the same too haha

dieya said...

that was the first thing i did too, laugh! couldn't believe my ears!

really?! i guess stalkers need some self-discipline nowadays.. hahaha!

knitfreak-to-be said...

even stalkers have some sense, good for Ms Z ;)

dieya said...

hahaha.. perhaps a code of conduct for stalkers will come out soon ;-)

krengtina said...

thanks for the speacial entry to Ms.Z :)
she's doing fine now and spending much time on friend's blog :)

dieya said...

glad that ms. z is doing well.
if not, i would have to confiscate her laptop and throw it into south china sea :-p