a bit less busy

I’ve been busy the past week. In campus, assignment + presentation + mid term exam = busy. At work, it’s time for monthly accounts closing = busy. Thankfully the “student busy” has just subsided, just in time for the “career woman busy” to go on full swing. Lucky me. Another couple of weeks “student busy” will be back as more assignment deadlines are expected. Till then, I’m taking a breather while I can.

Speaking of mid term exam, last night’s exam was pretty tough. One full question on cash flow statement (my least favorite topic in financial accounting) came out. No matter how many times I’ve prepared cash flow statement in the past, I still find it hard to enjoy. Thankfully new technological development allows for cash flow statement to be automatically generated, all you have to do is plug in the figures and *ding* the statement appears like magic. Everything ties to the income statement and balance sheet.

But in exams, things don’t happen that way. No software to do the magic for you. Every line has to be individually calculated. Dozens of T-accounts need to be done to support your workings. Imagine doing pages and pages of those, yet in the end when you consolidate everything into one statement, your cash flow balance doesn’t tie! Stress!

During my audit years (those days we used Excel to prepare cash flow statements), towards the end of the day circa 7pm, you could hear people screaming out loud “My cash flow doesn’t tie!” - that was the call to leave the office, grab some coffee or maybe dinner and return to work the same night (not the next morning) to tie your cash flow. No, I don’t miss those days, thank you very much.

Moving on, Spanish class will resume this Saturday, yeay! I’m totally stoked coz I’ve got 2 friends joining me this time around. Azita will be back after being on hiatus for several months and Fiza just registered herself for beginner’s level after hearing me blabbering so much about how fun the class is. I’m a little sad coz Perrin won’t be around, she has decided to self study. Hopefully Ala will be back, though last I checked she was still 50-50 coz she might be returning to her home country soon as she almost completed her LL. M. (Masters of Laws). Jeev is leaving to Aussie to pursue a degree in psychology, perhaps sometime this year, so not sure if Spanish class is still in her books. There there’s Anne, a fellow accountant, not sure about her either. So I guess I have to wait till Saturday to see who’s in and who’s out.

Owh, I just added a new link under “pals doing biz”. Liza’s brother Alizan just launched a t-shirt printing business called TShirt Studio. Not many designs available just yet (or perhaps there are but the owners haven’t published them on their blog yet). Those available in their blog now are based on characters of a comic series called Nagasatria. Don’t ask me what it’s about, I’ve never been a comic fan, the only comics I read are Doraemon and Garfield which was like 15 years ago. Anyways, the Nagasatria t-shirts look pretty cool (I like the black one). Liza mentioned they also do customized t-shirt printing. She’s planning to get something that says “If you think I'm cute wait till you see my mummy” and make her daughter wear it. Yeah Liza, you better do that fast coz I can see that Batriesya is beginning to develop fashion sense like Suri Cruise, soon enough she’ll stomp her feet and refuse getting caught wearing that!

Cute little Batriesya.

Cute little Liza, now not so little anymore ;-p


Liza_MAS said...

Ni kena suruh my brother letak your blog link jugak nie dlm blog dia.. lebih2 lagi sebab ade gambar batriesya and kakak kesayangan dia.. hehehhe

dieya said...

hahaha.. rasa glemer laa tu i letak gambar u kat sini ;-p
later when u return to ofc sometime in august we'll take a photo of the new liza and put it here. jgn lupa pakai kebaya ok!