awas kuda

Have you ever thought that you have to be aware of horses in the middle of a 3-lane highway? Well, apparently you have to!

Awas kuda (caution horses)!

I wonder what is there to be cautioned of. Will the horses suddenly jump out of their fully air-conditioned cabin? Or do we the motorists need to be mindful not to hit the horses’ fancy caravan so we won’t frighten or hurt them? I know horses are terribly expensive (the good ones cost as much as a Mercedes Benz), but seriously?!

If horses’ safety is the reason, I think we should put the sign “awas manusia” (caution human) on every moving vehicle. Humans’ lives are of higher value than horses’, no? But have you ever seen “awas manusia” at the back of a car, or a taxi, or a bus that carries 44 passengers?

I wonder whose horses are in there. I don’t even know there’s a horse farm in Dengkil, of all places.

I find it funny that horses, animals that we suppose to use as transportation, are instead being transported by humans. Shouldn’t horses bring people to places, not the other way round? Who’s the master now?

*Thinking* Maybe I should learn horseback riding, hmm…


SyD Designer said...


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LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

klw langgar..nnt kuda mati..mahal woo..

Aku dah jwb TAG..

dieya said...

syd designer,
wa'alaikumussalam. already have. good luck in your biz.

coolness! aku check sekarang :-)

SyD Designer said...

Thank you

Erin said...

betul lah, if they value people more than animals...they SHOULD put awas manusia behind every bus!

dieya said...

itulah.. apparently some people value horses more than their own kind!