alice in wonderland

I took leave yesterday. I had 4.5 days of carried forward leave balance from last year to be cleared by end of the month. With 2 assignments and 2 presentations due in the coming weeks, a little break seemed like a great idea. Thanks to Liza for persuading me to use up my leave balance, I was ready to forfeit it all as I had so much going on both at work and in class.

So I decided spend my day off by watching “Alice in Wonderland”. Managed to get my friend Wilson who was free on Fridays to tag along as he had not watched the movie either. We went to GSC Mid Valley. Very interesting movie, I must say. Though much hype had been going on about Johnny Depp’s performance, I was actually far more impressed by Helena Bonham Carter’s role as the Red Queen. I thought her character was the most entertaining.

Mid Valley went all out with their “Alice in Wonderland” decorations at the Center Court. Love those cute colorful mushrooms!

It was school holiday, so there were lots of people despite being a working day.

The big gate. The kids on the stage were in a coloring contest. There was a table set for a tea party in front of the stage. Several lucky kids would have the chance to have tea with the characters from the movie.

After the movie I did some shopping. I was looking for a shirt in a specific blue color that mimicked the color of my company’s corporate t-shirt. I have to wear that t-shirt every Wednesday, therefore it gets worn out pretty fast. I need to get something in similar color so I can do some rotate it with the existing one. Poor Wilson had to tag along with me to every single clothing store in Mid Valley, but he didn’t mind it at all.

I also wanted to buy a fruit juicer, which I had been thinking of for months. We went to Jusco and found this perfect juicer at RM 209, which was exactly the same as Wilson’s mum’s juicer. Went to Best Denki to compare the price, they sold it at RM 219. So we walked back to Jusco at got the one there. And there was a promotion going on, so also I got a RM 10 cash voucher for the purchase.

As for the blue shirt, after almost 6 hours in Mid Valley, we still could find it. So we called it a day and had gelatos before going home.

A huge “Alice in Wonderland” banner with Johnny Depp as Hatter. The most important bit is the one at the bottom - Official Airline: Malaysia Airlines!


Erin said...

ala, xdpt tgk huhu...sgt jeles! coolnye all the mushroom tu...comel

dieya said...

eh, don't tell me there's no cinema in kb? or the movie belum sampai lagi? anyways the dvd version (in 3D) will be realeased very soon, but i bet it's gonna be expensive. dtg kl laa mate.. lagi murah dr beli 3D dvd kot! i didn't watch the 3d version anyway, tgk yg biasa jek.

Erin said...

mane ada cinema sini cik kak...just got back from penang tp xsempat tgk pun. hv to wait for dvd lah kalo gitu huhu...

dieya said...

oh yer ker.. i thought i remember seeing a cinema there, the old version, where they have movie posters drawn on cloth banners with the actresses wearing tudung ;-) but that was what, 8 years ago kot.. hahaha.. or did i see that in kt? entahlaa, confuse kejap. ala mate.. dtg kl laa tengok.. bleh lepak2 together.