spellbinding sogo

I went to Sogo just now. I don’t usually go past 4th floor as the top floors display household items and children’s stuff, both of which I have nothing to do with. But somehow or rather this afternoon it was as if I was spellbounded to take the escalators up and up and further up. Suddenly, when I reach the floor below the food court (7th floor I think), I saw an amazing view. I might have just died and gone to handbag heaven!

So many handbags! Cheap handbags! Awesomeness!

As I was busy choosing handbags, the crowd started building. To my right a little boy pulled his mum’s hand screaming “Nak turun bawah! Taknak datang sini! Jom laa kita keluar!”. To my left a little girl cried “Nak balik! Bila nak balik? Nak balik sekarang!”. From the looks of it she was close to rolling on the floor. Reminded me of myself when I was that age :-p

Finally I made my choice. That’s the salesgirl writing the bill. Poor girl had to go to the store to get me a new piece as the display unit was quite worn out.

This is what I bought. The moment I saw the bag my heart screamed “Sold!”. The color combination is gorgeous (it’s actually a brighter shade of brown than what you see on screen). And just look at the ribbons on the sides, cuteness!

The best part is, it only costs me RM30 *big grin*

Then I went a few floors down to look for a pair of wedges to wear with my skinny jeans. I saw many girls do that and I think they look pretty cool. Anyway, I’m not actually fond of wedges. I’m very much a stiletto lover, the spikier the heels the better. Perhaps that’s the reason I haven’t found a pair of wedges that I like till now, coz I seem to be able to find something wrong with every single one that I’ve seen thus far. Still on the search for a perfect pair of wedges.

These shoes I “terpaksa” beli coz my existing pair of red shoes is so close to tempoh tamat perkhidmatan. Check out the heels, those are more of my thing. Even so, I think if the heels are a little narrower they will look much better, don't you agree?

And they only cost me RM23.97 after 70% discount *bigger grin*

What an awesome start to the weekend. Now I can concentrate on doing my assignments. One is due this coming week, together with a presentation. Aaahhhh!


dyanna said...

kasut tu, memang sangat patut dibeli. its a crime if you didn't.

dieya said...

i know!!! nasib baik beli.. if i didn't buy it there was a good chance i wouldn't be able to sleep last night.