shopping for free - the verdict

Remember last month I had a dilemma on what I should claim for my credit card bonus points redemption? I finally made my decision. The items had safely arrived in my hands. Here they are…

Yes, I finally decided on Visions set - 2 pots (with covers) and 1 pan. Since I still had some points balance, I also redeemed one MPH bookstore voucher worth RM 50. I plan to use it to buy Dan Brown’s book The Lost Symbol *grin*! I don’t know if they are going to release an illustrated version of the book like they did with The Da Vinci Code. I really hope they will, and if the release date for the illustrated version is nearby I rather wait for that one. If not, I’ll just get whatever’s available. As of now, the one on sale at MPH is the hardcover version. The price is RM 99.90 so the voucher can only cover half of cost, but that’s good enough for me. RM 49.90 for a hardcover bestseller, there no where else you can get that price (in Malaysia that is, in the US they are selling at USD 11 on, what a steal!). Plus I know I’m going to enjoy the book much more than the pots and pan :-D

As for the Visions set, Liza has successfully convinced me to leave it at the office (I actually had the stuff delivered at work so I could receive them myself). She says it will definitely have better use there than my own kitchen i.e. to serve food at VIP table when we do office party. I totally agree. Add that to the fact that I’m also quite embarrassed to carry the big box from the office building to my car with everyone watching. It’s a common knowledge that I can’t cook to save my life, hence they’ll be wondering what am I doing getting myself those high-end cooking utensils. They might think that I’ve decided to join cooking class in addition to MBA class (ongoing), Spanish class (ongoing) and swimming class (graduated last year, I'm a pretty decent swimmer now), as they know I love learning new things. There will be expectations for me to demonstrate my non-existent cooking skills. Oh no! Shoo! Shoo! Go away scary thoughts! See, I’m getting nightmares just thinking of the possibilities!

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia.

Can’t wait to get this one in my hands! I still have maybe 3 books (excluding MBA textbooks of course) that I haven’t finished reading, still, lo quiero mucho!


dyanna said...

wah, visions! good choice.

i love to cook last time (uni) - had to, to save my life! tapi sekarang cam malas nk masak. i bought a set of Tefal pans b4 returning back to Msia, and after 5 years, those pans are still in the box, untouched. haiyoh...

let me know if Lost Symbol is as good as Da vin ci code, k?

Erin said...

yeay to Visions! aiyok, kalo nak suh ko masak...hv to go to your office kah? hehe

dieya said...

exactly the reason why i left it in the office..hahaha.. no probs will let u know abt the book. still yet to get it, can't wait!

boleh2 but i won't be the one cooking that's for sure. kena minta kakak2 di ofis tolong masak ;-)