office's february babies

Happy birthday Kak Rosmah! Helpful and caring though fierce at times, most of the trainees are scared of her, yet we as colleagues enjoy her friendship to the bits. She’s the department’s unofficial Nescafe maker, if she goes on leave for a day we already miss her as early as 8am coz that’s the time she’s usually busy mixing a pot of morning caffeine fix for us!

Naqibah and Kak Rosmah cutting the cake. We also celebrated Naqibah’s birthday which fell on 8 Feb. Kak Rosmah’s was on 17 Feb. Both birthdays were celebrated yesterday.

Black forest cake, cucur udang, rojak sotong and Nescafe. No, Kak Rosmah didn’t make the Nescafe coz she’s the birthday girl, she deserve a rest (a very short one though), so someone else took over the responsibility. Not me ;-)

JROSE is her nickname. We purposely chose the cake for the small space in the centre so we could write her nickname there. Cute!

When Liza and I went to buy the cake we didn’t know that we were celebrating Naqibah’s birthday as well, hence only one name appeared on the cake (sorry Naqibah!). And we forgot to get a cake knife! Hence the birthday girls had to use kitchen knife to cut the cake.. hahaha!

Ok people, let’s sing “Happy Birthday” loud and clear!

A cross section of the cake. I’ve eaten black forest cake so many times before, yet I think this one is one of the best. We got it from King’s Confectionery at Giant Kelana Jaya.

This morning Kak Rosmah is going to spend us breakfast. She told us yesterday not to ask her what the menu was going to be coz she had no idea yet. We shall see later. Free breakfast, yeay!

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