off to boot camp

No, I haven’t quit my accounting profession to join the army. But I am going to get some hands-on experience of what it’s like to be an army.

As a part of the Corporate Induction Program, my employer sends 38 executives and managers to Kem Sungai Udang in Melaka (the commando camp) for 3 days of physical activities administered by Malaysian Army’s Special Service Group. I’m one of the “lucky” ones who have to participate. We will be leaving tomorrow.

Today, the program director (a retired army captain himself, now working with MAS as flight safety trainer) passed us a kit of the things that we need to survive 3 days at the camp.

1. Army backpack - One backpack is shared by two people. Barely enough space, I tell you. Fortunately I don’t need to bring different color shoes and lipsticks for this program.

2. Water bottle with pouch and belt - Each person gets one. Ensures we keep ourselves hydrated while doing the outdoor activities.

3. Mess tin - There will be times we will have to cook our own meal, army style. Each group of 11-12 people gets 4 pairs of mess tin.

4. Poncho - A piece of plastic to protect us from rain. Two people share one poncho.

We were also briefed with the kind of activities we are going to do. Abseiling, rapelling, open sea kayaking, just to name a few. We will also learn survival skills like map reading and night navigation. Sounds fun, eh? The truth is I don’t mind doing outdoor stuff, but I would rather do it leisurely while taking my own sweet time. Being forced to do it while having commandos watching your every step, that kind of steals away much of the fun. Yet I need to stay positive. If I don’t do it now, I don’t know when I’ll ever get the chance to do it this way, army style, for free too.

Still haven’t packed my things. Need to do that tonight as the bus will leave at 7:00am tomorrow. We will go to KLIA first for a visit, then only we will head to Kem Sungai Udang.

Wish me luck! With the amount of time I’m going to spend outdoors, hope I won’t return home three shades darker!


Erin said...

good luck matte! going to BTN course myself next week *sigh*

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

good luck..!!.. nnt update your story yatch!!

knitfreak-to-be said...

enjoy!!! i was in PALAPES back in uni, really miss those days, poncho shared by two ppl tak best ;p

dyanna said...

hope u r enjoying urself despite the scrutinising eyes of the sergeants.

dieya said...

thanks mate! good luck for your BTN next week. bukan komando jaga should be easier kot.

thanks! story coming up.

thanks! fortunately didn't have to share the poncho in the end.

thanks! i had a great time, though tiring and painful too.