mall library

When I went to AEON Bandaraya Melaka on CNY eve, I was pretty impressed by the existence of a community library on the top floor. Never before have I seen a library in a shopping mall in Malaysia. The only one that I know of other than this in Lot One mall in Choa Chu Kang (not Phua Chu Kang :-p) in Singapore, my usual hangout whenever I go to the lion city to visit my relatives.

Being an avid reader, I totally love the idea of a library in a mall. I remember the times when I was a teenager going to malls with my mum, I would spend my time free-reading in bookstores while waiting for her to finish shopping. If only library existed in malls back then, I would have been able to avoid getting nasty looks from the bookstore staffs ;-)

Even if you are not much of a reader, sometimes it’s good to have a quiet corner in a mall where you can sort of hide from the crowd. Especially when you come in a group that’s eager to shop but you don’t feel like doing the same. It’s also a much better hangout for youngsters rather than video arcades or even Starbucks for that matter. No offense to Starbucks, I’m still a big fan, but I don’t think school kids should go there too often as it can burn a hole in their parents’ pockets.

That way to the community library.

The library’s entrance. It was CNY eve so lots of red shirts around.

A zen corner. The library is managed by Perbadanan Perpustakaan Awam Melaka (PERPUSTAM).

I didn’t go in so I don’t know how big of a collection they got in there. Peeking into the glass door, it looks quite decent for a short transit in between shopping. It may not be as big as Lot One’s library, but hey, a good start nonetheless!


-farahsu- said...

this place might be suitable for me especially when i go shopping with you or ur makngah :D :P ...[bolehla hilang2kan kekejangan kaki, kuikuikui]

-farahsu- said...

lagi satu, ths kind of place is good whenever i go shopping with ila (:D)..ingat die tak? smpi nk nangis aku g sopping ngn ko n die...hehehe..

LiFe Is BeAuTifUl LyRiC said...

pernah jumpa.. @ shopping complex mana tah tp bukan melaka la..

dieya said...

hahaha betul2 u don't hv to sleep depan kedai amymore! kelakar bila teringat time aku ngan ila "dera" ko ikut kitorang shopping.. hahahaha! eh.. ngan noly pun ada skali kan kat jj lama dulu? hahahaha! skrg baru diorg terpikir nak sediakan library utk org tak suka shopping :-D

owh ada ke kat mesia sebelum ni? nampaknya i yg jakun baru first time nampak concept ni.. hehehehe

niSamiR said...

dieya...ada2 kat AEON Perda kat Penang...kat sebelah surau..slalu teringin nak masuk tp tak masuk2 ponn..hehehe

dieya said...

owh really??? so dah lama laa mall library ni ada kat msia sebelum ni.. i jek yg tak tau. kat AEON jugak yek. hahaha i pun tak masuk gak nisa.. lagi excited tengok kedai2 kasut baju semua. maybe nx time i'll go in.