i’m home!

I’m sore all over. Have to take emergency leave today as I find it difficult even to get off my bed. Texted Liza to ask for her help in case there’s urgent stuff at work as today is the first monthly account closing for the year.

It feels so good to return to civilization. Have I learned much from the camp? You bet I did. As I woke up this morning I realized how fortunate I am to be able to see a different side of life than what I always know.

I know now how much sacrifice a commando makes to prepare for the worst. 24 hours on call. 7 days a week. That’s just during off-mission hours. It gets worse during missions. In between, they go through endless life-threatening trainings just to prepare for the worst.

I know now that commandos are humans too. We civilians always thought that they are angry lots who like to brag their abilities and show-off their strengths. The truth is there are pretty nice people, especially the senior ones approaching retirement age. They are also full of great stories of experiences they’ve gone through and more than happy to share them with you.

I know now it’s really really really (I just can’t stress that enough) tough to become a commando. Though the training program only takes 3 months (after joining the army), the preparation itself takes forever. Once you are accepted into the program, the 3 months might as well be 3 years of hell until you graduate and given the prestigious green beret, blue lanyard and commando knife. Only the best will survive.

I know now that Kem Sungai Udang will be closed soon and I feel really sad for all commandos who call the place home. It’s such a prestigious camp, special forces from all over the world go there to train with our commandos. The people of Sungai Udang and Melaka in general are very proud of it. But we can’t get stuck in history forever. We must move on. God willing, better things will come later.

I know now that there has never been a female commando in Malaysian army’s history. My instructor said the US army does have several female commandos. I wonder will there come a time we see a female commando in our troop? One thing for sure, it won’t be me!

Sunburn on my face after yesterday’s boating. And CNY is this weekend! Need to slap lots of Olay onto my face!

The logo on my graduation t-shirt. So cool!

P.S. I’ve put up backdated entries on the 3-day boot camp. Click on dieya’s adventures (local) tab for the shortcuts. Happy reading!


canang said...

im is the one of the other green beret trainee. Green Beret course is not a simple word u can say but most need comitment to pass that course. im go there for two time and two time im fail to be a green beret members. So sad... u can follow my blog http://anakperak-alpha.blogspot.com

dieya said...

that was really brave of you to have tried for the Green Beret course. even though you didn't pull through, the fact that you tried already showed your determination. so don't be sad, you have my respect, and i'm sure others too.
thanks for leaving your link. i'll surely follow your blog!