halal feature: Pizza a Taglio @ Rome, Italy

Rome is not short of halal eateries. Around the Termini station alone there are many halal joints, mainly serving pizza, kebab and beryani. The downside of having lots of choices was that my kid brother and I often argued whose turn to choose where to eat.

This restaurant called Pizza a Taglio was Hz’s pick. The term “a taglio” actually translates to “by the cut”, which means that you pay for your pizza by the cut or more accurately by the weight. When you enter the shop you’ll see the biggest pieces of pizzas you ever seen in your life. What you do is tell the owner how big of a slice that you want to have, he will cut it out for you. The slice will be weighed and warmed up. You can either enjoy it right there or do take-away.

This particular place is located merely steps away from Termini station. The pizzas are ok. Cheap too. Pizzas are cheap all over Rome anyway, so no surprise there.

It was drizzling the evening we went there, yet that didn’t stop a bunch of people to stand outside the joint to enjoy their pizzas. I wasn’t comfortable doing that at all so we packed our pizzas and went back to our hotel to eat.

A portion of my meatball pizza and Hz’s olive pizza. Till now I’m still amazed by Hz’s appetite for the olive pizza. He finished one big box of that by himself! I could only stomach a small slice. I found it weird to have just olive and cheese as pizza topping.

Here’s the place on Google map.

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