halal feature: Nando’s @ Newmarket, Auckland, New Zealand

So here’s the story about Nando’s in NZ. From what I learned from a Muslim cab driver in Auckland when I was there last year, all Nando’s outlets in NZ serve halal meals. He told me the owner of Nando’s franchise in NZ is a Muslim from Fiji. I also did a bit of research myself and found out that Nando’s is certified halal by Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand (FIANZ). So yes, I happily ate Nando’s while I was there.

Just recently, there was a little dispute about Nando’s halal status which resulted in FIANZ suspending their halal certification. However this has already been settled. FIANZ has issued a formal statement on their website stating that the suspension has been uplifted. Nando’s in NZ is halal again! Yeay!

Me enjoying my peri-peri chicken at Nando’s outlet in Rialto mall in Broadway, Newmarket. The layout is exactly the same as the ones in Malaysia.

Here's the location on Google map.

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While you are at Rialto, check out the Supré store there, they sell really nice tops at affordable prices.

I think the Newmarket area is quite nice for a relaxing stroll while hopping from one store to another. Such a calm suburb. However it still can’t beat Parnell Village, that one is a real charmer!


ur rummet masa alpha said...

FIANZ issued another notice (the latest one) that Nandos is no longer halal (tp taktau bile diorang nak renew) ..check it here:



Anonymous said...

anyway ..bile nak datang nz lagik? hehehe...

dieya said...


omigod what a wonderful suprise! tak sangka bleh jumpa kat sini. it has been what.. 10 years???

thanks so much for the latest info in nando's in nz. datang nz? memang nak sangat2. insyaAllah akan sampai lagi adopted homeland mu itu one sweet day. teringin nak round south island pulak. dulu cuma sempat gi auckland jek.

take care babe! singgah laa lagi ye :-)

Anonymous said...

you too..take care...nnt turun south island..roger roger ok! :)