halal feature: Doner Kebap Al-Madina @ Toledo, Spain

I love Toledo. Old, unpretentious and laid back. Hardly anyone speaks proper English, the only person that I met who did was the guy at the tourist centre. Makes it a perfect place for me to practice my Spanish.

I saw this halal kebab joint within minutes of entering the port city via Puerta de Bisagra. It was such a joy to know that I didn’t have to wait until I returned to Madrid to have a proper halal meal.

The place is called Doner Kebap Al-Madina. Apparently they have two outlets in Toledo. I did spend some time wandering around Plaza de Zocodover, but I didn’t see the one there.

The entrance to the place. There’s plenty of space inside to eat-in with proper tables and chairs, unlike most kebab joints that only have bar counters and stools. Look at the price, cheap!

While waiting for the food to be ready the guy behind the counter chatted with me for a bit.

Guy: De Chino? (From China?)
Me: No, de Malasia. (No, from Malaysia.)
Guy: Musulman? (Muslim?)
Me: Si, musulman. (Yes, Muslim.)
Guy: *Showing thumbs up*

I immediately felt at home at that point in time *smiling*

This is durum (I think). Something like hand-rolled kebab. Very yummy!

This is kebab plato. Kebab meat with chips, drenched in chili sauce and mayo (we might have gone a little overboard there). Just as yummy!

This is the place on Google map. If you enter from Puerta de Bisagra and walk straight ahead uphill towards the centre of the fort, you’ll definitely notice it.

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By the way, the name Puerta de Bisagra (Gate of Bisagra) is a variation of the words “Bab Al-Saqra” which was the gate’s original name in Arabic during the Andalusian period. At that time it was the main entrance to the city. “Bab Al-Saqra” literally translates to “Gate of Rock”. Sounds cool, eh?

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