resultados del examen

Moment of truth.. jeng jeng jeng.. writing this entry as I wait for my Spanish exam results to load in the other window.

Hola Nadiah:
Tus resultados del examen son 84%. Enhorabuena!

Alhamdulillah! Yeay! *jump grin dance* Hip hip hooray!!!

Gonna text Ala and Perrin, wonder if they have checked theirs yet? I’m sure they are just as excited to know what their results are!

I’m taking half-day leave from work today. Going shopping for tomorrow’s belated New Year’s party at office coz I have bought a gift. Everyone has to get a gift to be exchanged among us.

Also need a new outfit for Chinese New Year. My leave has been approved, I can spend more time with my family as compared to only 2 days last year. Didn’t have time to shop last year, which explained why I looked like a mess on CNY morning. Need to do better this year. Thinking of wearing cheongsam top with jeans. Or maybe a bright red oriental print top. We’ll see.

Woops, almost time to go. Ciao!

P.S. Knitfreak-to-be, if you are reading this, let’s register for next round of Spanish class!


Erin said...

congrats babe! bravo..

dieya said...

muchas gracias!

knitfreak-to-be said...

nak!!! thanks for the heads up ;)

dieya said...

jom! i already registered yesterday :-D