the "recent adventure" list is now complete!

I’m finally done with writing about my trip! Yippie! All the entries are up. 7 new entries in total, dated on 21 to 27 Dec 2009. The first two entries are still about Barcelona. The following ones are about Rome.

As I said earlier, all the links to my travel entries are available on the panel on the right, under the section “featured babblings”. I’m so happy that the list is now complete!

It’s almost 4am now on a Saturday morning. I have to meet someone at 10am. Better go to bed now.

Happy reading!


niSamiR said...

yippie!!!nice story n experience to share..jeless betul..haha..masa i single mingle dulu i used to travel jugak..dah kawen ni tuh la kena carik masa yg sama free unfortunately mmg takde n ada baby nih lagi laahh..haha...takpe..rezeki kot lain..nway...welcome class k..!!

knitfreak-to-be said...

glad that i read your entries, full op tips and tricks lagi, sgt berguna in case i'm planning my euro trip..hehehe... ;)

dieya said...

dah beranak pinak tak semestinya takleh travel tau! i got a friend anak 4 berderet all boys semuanya belum sekolah, still she and her hubby travel with the kids in tow. so apa lagi? ;-) anyway thanks, good luck with your students too :-)

that's the whole idea :-) i always love reading other travellers' real life experiences rather than some tourist websites' promos. don't forget to write loads abt SA when you return k!

knitfreak-to-be said...

insyaAllah, but i will only go to cape town, not sure if I can squeeze in 1 more city, the public transport there is not that good though, but we'll see ;)