Not pre-menstrual syndrome. But performance management system. Getting evaluated for the hard work that you've done throughout the year.

Some people don't believe in PMS, they think they have always been doing a good job, nobody should question them. Yeah right. Come on, if you really have been doing your work so well, you shouldn't have any problem proving it, should you?

Another school of thought doesn't believe in the bell curve (normal distribution curve) that comes with PMS. They think everyone in their team has been doing his/her work well, so everyone should at least get a rating 3 out of 5. No one deserves a rating of 2 and below. As much as I applaud the spirit of togetherness (reminds me of the US Army code - no man left behind), I don't believe that everyone performs at the same level. Out of the entire team, some will outshine the rest, these people are usually easily noticed. Similarly, some will lag behind, perhaps not too far back to be pinpointed as lazy bums, but can otherwise be referred to as the last among equals.

I've finished up evaluating my team of staff yesterday. Not an easy task, mind you, especially when your staffs are mostly older than you, some almost as old as your own parents. It requires a fine balance of being objective in your evaluation while maintaining good working relationship PLUS respecting the elderly PLUS earning their respect towards you as their boss.

Now that my part as appraiser is done, I'm waiting for my boss to call me up for my own PMS appraisal. Hopefully it can be done today. The sooner the better so I can get my mind off this and focus on other things.

Next step will be planning for 2010 targets, for my own and for my staffs too. We need to do better this year, not only as a team, but also as a part of the company. Just yesterday Japan Airlines (JAL), Asia's biggest airline, filed for bankruptcy. American Airlines (and its partners in Oneworld alliance) and Delta Airlines (and its partners in SkyTeam alliance) are both bidding to takeover JAL. Just imagine, a flag carrier, the pride of the nation (and Japanese are very proud of their country), being taken over by a bunch of American investors. That only shows how vulnerable the industry is.

Imagine if that happens in us in Malaysia, that will be the topic of the week at the parliament for months to go. I can already play the scene in my head - some politicians will ask the government to bail us out (haven't they realize that the government itself is running out of money, else they wouldn't have reduced the sugar subsidy), some will call for our MD to be sacked (very Malaysian way out, as if sacking the head figure will get rid of problems, yet most of the time it only make everything worse as the organization is left without a leader at time of crisis), some will suggest Air Asia to take us over (oh come on, just because they stick their logo on every blank spot they can find you think they have so much money huh, has anyone even look at their financial statements lately?).

One thing for sure, at the one corner of the Dewan Rakyat, a group of oppositions will definitely have a field day!


Wawa Vtec said...

Mh for malaysian Hospitality right?

i am pretty much sure that if MAS could outplay AA by focusing on their other specialties, i.e prestigious doubt that AA is playing on brand image and being a lower cost carrier but I could see that MAS themselves have started to segregate the services in order to reach wider consumer base.

dieya said...

MH = Malaysian Hospitality alright :-)

thanks for the confidence babe! it's a tough time, not just for the business, in fact for the entire economy too. had my PMS discussion with my boss yesterday. much to be done this year to get through this challenging time. work had and pray hard i say!