laksa day

Today is laksa day at office. A group of staffs organized a potluck style breakfast, just serving laksa. 2 types of laksa – laksa lemak (with milky Kelantan-style gravy) and laksa asam (with sour Penang-style gravy). 3 types of noodles – normal homemade laksa noodle, instant laksa noodle (looks pretty shiny, too much food wax I think) and thin laksa noodle.

I’m not a fan of laksa asam. In fact it’s the last food I would eat at buffets or kenduri. Forget about buying it for myself. Laksa lemak is a whole different story. I totally love it! Actually I love laksam (the one served with flat noodles), but since it uses the same milky gravy I enjoy it just as much.

But there’s something different about the laksa asam they serve this morning. I actually find myself liking it. Perhaps because it’s not as sour? Or it is because they put lots of fish meat in the gravy that makes it tastes so good? I don’t know. But for the first time in my life, I actually like eating laksa!

Laksa lemak. Love it!

Laksa asam. See the difference in portion? I just wanted to have a try at first. Didn’t expect to enjoy it!

Shall I get one more serving?

Owh, I receive one more warehouse sale e-flyer today. This one is on electronic stuffs, especially cameras and photography gadgets. Other things like mobile phones, LCD tv and Garmin GPS are on sale too. Check it out!


Liya said...

mm sedapnya laksa! Dulu2 tak brp suke jugak laksa asam ni but now I love all kind of laksa. But still laksam is the best!;))

dieya said...

i never thought i would enjoy laksa! tapi kalau laksam mmg suka sangatlah.. yummy!