halal feature: Raval Döner Kebab @ Barcelona, Spain

This kebab joint is located along Rambla del Raval, a ghetto area some walking distance from La Rambla. The motivation behind the search of this place was derived from the experience of a fellow blogger - Tawel - who was in Barcelona a few years ago. Some local people suggested the place to him but he never got to find it, so he urged his readers to continue the search. So with only the words “kebab” and “Raval” to guide me, I headed to El Raval with a mission: to find the kebab joint Tawel so famously mentioned in his blog here. And I did!

The place is called Raval Döner Kebab. This is la carta @ the menu.

The guy on the bicycle was waiting for his kebab. That’s the BiCiNg - bicycle for rent. You can see it all over Barcelona. Pick up a bike at one station, ride it and leave it at any station close to your destination.

The great thing about this place is that they also serve pizza. Since I was pretty overloaded with kebabs throughout my travel, I chose to have pizza.

There are actually several halal joints along Rambla de Raval. I also saw an Indian vegetarian restaurant and a fish and chips outlet nearby. So for Muslims travelling to Barcelona, food is definitely not an issue. But if you wish to come to this area, do be extra careful. You can read my entry about my visit to the area here.

To Tawel: The search for “Rambla Raval kebab” is finally over :-)

Here’s the place on Google map:

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niSamiR said...

is it expensive?

dieya said...

nahhh.. the price is reasonable. kebab joints are usually the cheapest place to eat :-)
i was so glad this one has pizza too!

Tawel said...

Eh, haha. Felicitación! Mengidam kebab donor berperisa Timur Tengah pula tetiba.

Uh btw, Bicing is a really cool concept. I think I saw some of them back then. But it was not as prevalent as today.

Felicitación sekali lagi! :D

dieya said...

gracias Tawel :-)
i was really happy to have found the place!

there are quite a number of bicing stations around, tapi i tak berani nak try since i didn't know the city that well. now that i do, perhaps i'll try it the next time i go there.